Chapter 15.15


15.15.010    Satellite earth stations regulation standards.

15.15.020    Definition.

15.15.030    Permit required.

15.15.040    Installation and design requirements.

15.15.050    Interference with radio and/or television broadcasting.

15.15.060    Appeals.

15.15.010 Satellite earth stations regulation standards.

In addressing the regulation of satellite earth stations, the Town of East Troy adopts the standards as set forth by the Federal Communications Commission. It is the intent of this chapter to place regulations only on satellite earth stations which exceed 39 inches, or one meter, in diameter. In such cases involving satellite earth stations larger than the aforementioned size, no person shall construct, install or permit the installation of a satellite earth station in the Town of East Troy, except in accordance with the following regulations. (2008 code § 14.06(1))

15.15.020 Definition.

“Satellite earth station” shall refer to any and all devices designed to receive television broadcasts relayed by microwave signals from earth orbiting communication satellites which are dish or bowl shaped, or known as a “satellite dish.” (2008 code § 14.06(2))

15.15.030 Permit required.

No person shall construct, install or permit the installation of a satellite earth station unless a permit has first been obtained from the Clerk for the Town of East Troy, at the Town Hall. The permit fee shall be $40.00, which shall include a $25.00 inspection fee and a $15.00 administrative fee. Applications shall include sufficient information to allow the Town Building Inspector adequate review of the proposed installation to ensure compliance with this chapter, including:

1.    Location of proposed station on lot or parcel, distance of location of proposed station from lot lines and distances from structures.

2.    Height and width of proposed station.

3.    Description of plan for mounting proposed station. (2008 code § 14.06(3))

15.15.040 Installation and design requirements.

1.    Not more than one satellite earth station may be allowed per individual recorded lot or parcel.

2.    Satellite earth stations shall be allowed in side yards if it is no closer to the street line than the established setback of the principal building or structure on such lot or parcel. Stations shall not be placed in street or front yards, unless such property has lake frontage, in which case the Town Planning Commission shall review an appropriate location for the station and make its recommendation to the applicant and the Town Board. Side and rear setback shall be equal to or greater than the required side and rear yard setbacks for the principal structure within the respective zoning district, but not less than the total vertical height of the satellite earth station.

3.    Satellite earth stations shall not exceed eight feet in width if of the “solid” type, or shall not exceed 10 feet in width if of the “mesh” type.

4.    Ground-mounted satellite earth stations shall meet the height requirement for accessory structures in the zoning district in which they are located. Building-mounted satellite earth stations shall not exceed the maximum height regulation of the zoning district in which they are located.

5.    Satellite earth stations attached to the wall or roof of any principal or accessory structure shall be permitted subject to engineering calculations being prepared by a registered professional engineer certifying that the proposed satellite earth station is structurally sound. All satellite earth stations shall be permanently mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications for installation. All installations shall meet a minimum wind load design velocity of 80 miles per hour. Portable or trailer-mounted satellite earth stations are not allowed, except that temporary installations for on site testing and demonstration purposes may be allowed for periods not to exceed seven days.

6.    No form of advertising or identification is allowed on the dish or framework other than the customary manufacturer’s identification plates, which shall not exceed 12 inches by 12 inches.

7.    Electrical installations in connection with earth satellite receiving stations, including grounding of the system, shall be in accordance with National Electrical Code Standards.

8.    All cable used to conduct current or signals from the satellite earth station to the receivers shall be installed underground.

9.    All satellite earth stations shall be earth tone in color.

10.    Satellite earth stations shall be visually screened from adjacent properties by shrubs or decorative fences. If such screening is not feasible, a waiver of this subsection may be applied for through the Town Planning Commission. An application for a waiver of this subsection shall be made to the Town Planning Commission, which shall review the request for waiver and any alternative proposal included by the applicant, and it shall make a recommendation to the Town Board and the applicant concerning such waiver or modification of this section. (2008 code § 14.06(4))

15.15.050 Interference with radio and/or television broadcasting.

Satellite earth stations that cause any harmful interference with radio and/or television broadcasting or reception on adjacent properties shall be governed in accordance with Federal Communications Commission Standards. (2008 code § 14.06(5))

15.15.060 Appeals.

Any person feeling aggrieved by the decision of the Town Building Inspector may appeal to the Town of East Troy Planning Commission for hearing and review of such grievance. (2008 code § 14.06(6))