Chapter 15.25


15.25.010    Compliance.

15.25.020    Principles.

15.25.030    Site plan review.

15.25.040    Administration.

15.25.050    Plan Commission advisor.

15.25.060    Review and findings.

15.25.070    Appeals.

15.25.010 Compliance.

For the purpose of promoting development, aesthetics, stability of property values, and to prevent impairment or depreciation of the unique character of the Town of East Troy, no structure in the Town shall hereafter be erected, moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarged, or have its exterior altered or changed in such a manner as to violate the principles set forth in ETMC 15.25.020. (2008 code § 14.08(1))

15.25.020 Principles.

To implement and define criteria for the purposes set forth in ETMC 15.25.010, the following principles are established:

1.    No building shall be permitted the design or exterior appearance of which is of such unorthodox or abnormal character in relation to its surroundings as to be unsightly or offensive to generally accepted tastes and community standards.

2.    No building shall be permitted the design or exterior appearance of which is so identical with those adjoining as to create excessive monotony or drabness.

3.    No building shall be permitted where any exposed facade is not constructed or faced with a finished material which is not aesthetically compatible with the other facades and presents an attractive appearance to the public and to surrounding properties.

4.    No building or sign shall be permitted to be sited on the property in a manner which would unnecessarily destroy or substantially damage the natural beauty of the area, particularly insofar as it would adversely affect values incident to ownership of land in that area; or which would unnecessarily have an adverse affect on the beauty and general enjoyment of existing structures on adjoining properties.

5.    No building shall be permitted to have an excessive height, as specifically provided for in these ordinances, so as to protect neighboring properties access to sunlight, shield natural views, or to otherwise offend community aesthetics. (2008 code § 14.08(2))

15.25.030 Site plan review.

To further ensure aesthetically compatible development in the Town of East Troy, the Plan Commission shall determine that adequate parking, light and air, landscaping, and screening from adjacent incompatible uses is provided for all uses requiring architectural review. (2008 code § 14.08(3))

15.25.040 Administration.

All applications for a building permit in the residential districts, business districts, all manufacturing districts, the P-1 Park and Recreation District, and the I-1 Industrial and Public Service District shall include the following plans and specifications in addition to the information otherwise required for a building permit.

1.    A parking plan showing the extent and location of all off-street parking.

2.    A landscape plan showing the materials to be used and their general location on the site.

3.    An open space plan showing the location of any improved open space (picnic areas, tot lots, play fields, or passive recreation areas).

4.    A screening plan indicating how the proposed uses will be separated from any adjacent incompatible land uses.

5.    Other plans as may be required by the Plan Commission. (2008 code § 14.08(4))

15.25.050 Plan Commission advisor.

The Town Building Inspector shall serve as an advisor to the Plan Commission for purposes of this chapter. The Building Inspector shall transmit applications for building permits along with all information recorded in ETMC 15.25.040 to the Plan Commission. Furthermore, the Building Inspector shall provide a written recommendation to the Plan Commission concerning compliance of such plans with this chapter. If such plans do not comply with this chapter or if there is a reasonable basis to question such compliance with this chapter, the building inspector will specify specific areas of concern to the Plan Commission. In such a case, the building inspector shall schedule a hearing before the Plan Commission. Treating such a matter as an item on the published Plan Commission agenda shall be sufficient to constitute a hearing. The building inspector shall also provide at least three days’ written notice to the applicant concerning such hearing. (2008 code § 14.08(5))

15.25.060 Review and findings.

The Plan Commission shall review the referred plans not more than 40 days after the original application for a building permit. The Plan Commission shall not approve any building plans unless it finds by the preponderance of the evidence after viewing the application that the structure, as planned, will not violate the principles set forth in ETMC 15.25.020. (2008 code § 14.08(6))

15.25.070 Appeals.

Any person or persons aggrieved by any decisions of the Plan Commission related to architectural control may appeal the decision to the Town Board. Such appeal shall be filed with the Town Clerk within 40 days after filing the decision with the Building Inspector. (2008 code § 14.08(7))