Chapter 15.40


15.40.010    County provisions adopted.

15.40.020    Limitation on parcels less than five acres.

15.40.010 County provisions adopted.

This chapter pertaining to residential garages is hereby amended to rescind the existing Town of East Troy municipal ordinance requirements pertaining to residential garages and outbuildings and to adopt, except as hereinafter provided, the Walworth County shoreland zoning ordinances pertaining to such structures. (2008 code § 16.07(1))

15.40.020 Limitation on parcels less than five acres.

That in addition to those requirements set forth by the county zoning ordinances, the Town of East Troy does hereby create a limitation for detached residential garages and other outbuildings (exclusive of boat houses) on parcels less than five acres in size to a total of two such structures. (2008 code § 16.07(2))