Chapter 15.55


15.55.010    State statutes adopted.

15.55.020    License required.

15.55.030    Cost of construction.

15.55.040    Opening obstructed ditch lines.

15.55.010 State statutes adopted.

The provisions of Wis. Stat. §§ 86.07, 86.14 and 88.91, relating to the installation and maintenance of culverts in highways and highway drainage ditches, excluding any provisions therein relating to the penalty to be imposed or the punishment for violation of said statutes, are hereby adopted and made a part of this chapter by reference. A violation of any such provisions shall constitute a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 2010-17 § 1. 2008 code § 8.16(1)(a))

15.55.020 License required.

No person shall make any excavations or fill, or install any culvert, or make any other alterations, in any Town road or highway, or in any Town road right-of-way without first obtaining a license therefor from the Town Building Inspector. Application shall first be made on forms provided by the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector, in issuing a license, may make any rules and regulations which in his discretion are required to insure proper drainage along the said highway. (2008 code § 8.16(1)(b))

15.55.030 Cost of construction.

The cost of installing a culvert and the cost of the improvement itself (such as a driveway) shall be borne entirely by the property owner. (2008 code § 8.16(1)(c))

15.55.040 Opening obstructed ditch lines.

In the event a property owner fills in a Town highway drainage ditch, the Town may cause its employees to remove that obstruction, or to install at its option, a culvert to insure proper drainage. The cost of any such work shall be borne by the property owner either through direct billing and payment or through a proper special assessment proceeding. (2008 code § 8.16(1)(d))