Chapter 17.50


17.50.010    Commencement.

17.50.020    Building permits.

17.50.030    Plans.

17.50.040    Erosion and sedimentation control.

17.50.050    Existing flora.

17.50.060    Inspection.

17.50.010 Commencement.

No construction or installation of improvements shall commence in a proposed land division until the final plat or certified survey map has been approved by the Town Board and the Town review specialist has given written authorization. (2008 code § 18.10(1))

17.50.020 Building permits.

No building permits shall be issued for erection of a structure on any lot not of record at the time of adoption of the ordinance codified in this title until all the requirements of this chapter have been met. (2008 code § 18.10(2))

17.50.030 Plans.

The following plans and accompanying construction specifications shall be required by the Town Plan Commission and reviewed by the Town Engineer before installation of improvements is authorized:

1.    Street plans and profiles showing existing and proposed grades, elevations and cross-sections of required improvements.

2.    Sanitary sewer plans and profiles showing the locations, grades, sizes, elevations, and materials of required facilities.

3.    Storm sewer and open channel plans and profiles showing the locations, grades, sizes, cross-sections, elevations and materials of required facilities.

4.    Water main plans and profiles showing the locations, sizes, elevations and materials of required facilities.

5.    Erosion and sedimentation control plans showing those structures necessary to retard the rate of runoff water and those grading and excavating practices that will prevent erosion and sedimentation. The erosion and sedimentation control plan shall include information on the length of time that soil will be exposed, and plans and structures, such as fences and tree wells, intended to protect existing vegetation. Such plans shall meet the requirements set forth in the Walworth County Land Disturbance Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Ordinance.

6.    Planting plans showing the locations, diameter at breast height (dbh), and species of any required street trees. (2008 code § 18.10(3))

17.50.040 Erosion and sedimentation control.

The subdivider shall cause all grading, excavations, open cuts, side slopes, and other land surface disturbances to be so mulched, seeded, sodded or otherwise protected that erosion siltation, sedimentation, and washing are prevented, in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the Town Plan Commission, upon recommendation of the Town Engineer and the Walworth County Land Conservation Committee. In addition:

1.    All erosion and sedimentation control plans shall incorporate best management practices to reduce soil loss during construction to 10 percent of the gross soil loss as estimated by the universal soil loss equation.

2.    Sod shall be laid in strips at those intervals necessary to prevent erosion and at right angles to the direction of drainage.

3.    Temporary vegetation and mulching shall be used to protect critical areas, and permanent vegetation shall be installed as soon as practical.

4.    Construction at any given time shall be confined to the smallest practical area and for the shortest practical period of time.

5.    Sediment basins shall be installed and maintained at all drainage ways to trap, remove, and prevent sediment and debris from being washed outside the area being developed. (2008 code § 18.10(4))

17.50.050 Existing flora.

The subdivider shall make every effort to protect and retain all existing trees, shrubbery, vines, and grasses not actually lying in public roadways, drainage ways, building foundation sites, private driveways, soil absorption waste disposal areas, paths, and trails. Trees shall be protected and preserved during construction in accordance with sound conservation practices, including the preservation of trees by well islands or retaining walls, whenever abutting grades are altered. (2008 code § 18.10(5))

17.50.060 Inspection.

The subdivider, prior to commencing any work within the subdivision, shall make arrangements with the Town Engineer to provide for inspection. The Town Engineer shall inspect and approve all completed work prior to approval of the final plat or release of the sureties. (2008 code § 18.10(6))