Chapter 4

4.01    Preparation of Tax Roll and Tax Receipts.

4.02    Duplicate Finance Director/treasurer’s Bond Eliminated.

4.03    City Liable for Default of Finance Director/treasurer.

4.04    Claims Against City.

4.05    Budget.

4.06    Transfer of Appropriations.

4.07    City Funds to Be Spent in Accordance With Appropriation.

4.08    Destruction of Public Records.

4.09    Facsimile Signatures.

4.10    Alternative Special Assessment Procedure.

4.11    Special Assessment.

4.12    Reserve Policy.

4.13    Debt Policy.

4.14    Revenue Policy.

4.15    Investment Policy.

4.16    Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting Policy.

4.17    Capital Improvement Budget Policy.

4.18    Purchasing Policy.

4.19    Contracted Professional Services.

4.20    Binding Referendum When A City Purchase for Building or Equipment Exceeds 7 Percent of the General Fund Operating Budget.

4.21    Impact Fees.