(1)    Enforce Ordinances, Rules And Regulations. The Fire Chief of the Edgerton Fire Protection District shall have the power to enforce all ordinances, rules and regulations of the Common Council governing the Edgerton Fire Protection District, and report promptly to the Mayor any person who may have disobeyed orders or violated any of the laws or rules governing the City while engaged in firefighting operations. The Fire Chief shall enforce all fire prevention ordinances and all state laws and regulations pertaining to fire prevention and shall keep citizens informed on fire prevention methods and on the activities of the Department.

(2)    Police Powers. The Fire Chief may prescribe certain limits in the vicinity of any fire within which any person except firemen and policemen, and those admitted by order of any officer of the Fire Department, shall not be permitted to come, and shall have the power to cause the removal of any property whenever it shall become necessary in the preservation of such property from fires or to prevent the spreading of fire, or to protect the adjoining property, and during the progress of any fire, he shall have the power to order the removal or destruction of any property necessary to prevent the further spread of fire. He shall also have the power to cause the removal of all wires and a turning off of all electricity and gas where the same interferes with the work of the Fire Department during the progress of a fire.

(3)    The Fire Chief shall perform such other duties as are incumbent on the commanding officers of the Edgerton Fire Protection District Fire Department.