Chapter 10

10.01    Official Map.

10.02    Street Name and Building Numbering System.

10.03    Street Signs.

10.04    Improvements to Be Made According to Plans and Specifications.

10.05    Minimum Acceptance Standards.

10.06    Seeding and Sodding for Streets.

10.07    Roadside Vendors.

10.08    Street and Sidewalk Grades.

10.09    Sidewalk Construction and Repair.

10.10    Driveway Construction and Repair.

10.11    Street and Sidewalk Excavations and Openings.

10.12    Obstruction and Encroachments; Street Privilege Permits.

10.13    Offenses.

10.14    When Permits Not Required.

10.15    Warning Signs Required.

10.16    Rubbish and Refuse Prohibited On Sidewalks and Streets.

10.17    Prohibiting Signs Within the Limits of Any Street.

10.18    Snow and Ice Removal.

10.19    Street and Public Trees.

10.20    Payment for Public Works in and to New Developments.

10.21    Extension of Municipal Utilities and New Roadways Through Sparsely Occupied and Undeveloped Areas.

10.22    Bonding for Public Works.

10.23    Insurance for Public Works.

10.24    Penalty.