Chapter 16

16.00    Purpose.

16.01    Disorderly Conduct Prohibited.

16.02    Prowling About Premises of Another.

16.03    Spitting On Sidewalks and in Public Places Prohibited.

16.04    Remain in Groups or Crowds After Request to Move On.

16.05    Disturbance of Peace and Meetings.

16.06    Unauthorized Presence On School Property.

16.07    Curfew.

16.08    Trespassing.

16.09    Loud and Unnecessary Noise.

16.10    Objectionable Language.

16.11    Indecent Conduct.

16.12    Indecent Shows and Exhibitions.

16.13    Improper Accosting of Persons of Either Sex.

16.14    Lewd and Lascivious Conduct.

16.15    Disorderly Houses.

16.16    Gambling.

16.17    Regulations Concerning Illegal Substances and the Illegal Use of Legal Substances and Paraphernalia.

16.18    Obedience to Officers.

16.19    Impersonating Police Officer.

16.20    Damage to Property.

16.21    Littering.

16.22    Molesting Birds or Animals Prohibited.

16.23    Issuance of Worthless Checks.

16.24    Retail Theft.

16.25    Theft.

16.26    Fraud On Hotel or Restaurant Keeper.

16.27    Unlawful Use of Telephone and Computerized Communication Systems.

16.28    Unlawful Removal of Parking Tickets.

16.29    Unlawful Sheltering of Minors.

16.30    Discharge and Carrying Firearms and Guns Prohibited.

16.31    Bows and Arrows.

16.32    Trapping.

16.33    Throwing or Shooting of Missiles Prohibited.

16.34    Sale and Discharge for Fireworks Prohibited.

16.35    Burning of Grass, Brush, Leaves, or Trash Restricted.

16.36    Unauthorized Persons Prohibited From Picking Up Rubbish At Curb.

16.37    Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks Prohibited.

16.38    Purchase or Possession of Tobacco Products Prohibited by Persons Under 18 Years of Age.

16.39    Assistance to Officer Required.

16.40    Assisting Escape of Prisoner.

16.41    False Fire Alarm Prohibited.

16.42    Abandoned Iceboxes.

16.43    Menacing Panhandling Prohibited.

16.44    Improper Use of Public Property.

16.45    Prohibition Against Habitual Truancy.

16.46    Regulating Social Hosting.

16.47    Bullying.

Uniform Fines and Penalties