16.00 PURPOSE.

The purpose of this Chapter is to ensure the personal safety and well-being of the public. Any person, organization, agency or corporation violating any provision of the Chapter, or any amendments or additions hereto, unless otherwise specifically provided, shall be subject to a fine and forfeiture in the amount specified in the UNIFORM FINES AND PENALTIES SECTION of the Chapter. Said fines and forfeiture shall be in addition to court costs and other damages. Any person, organization, agency or corporation in default of payment of said fine and forfeiture, court costs and other damages, may be imprisoned in the Rock County Jail until such forfeiture and costs of prosecution are paid, but not to exceed 6 months, or may have their driver’s license suspended or the court may impose any other penalty as provided by State Statute.

Unless otherwise stated, administration of the first and second penalty provisions shall be based on subsection 1.06 of this municipal code.