(1)    Firearms or Weapons in Public Buildings.

(a)    Pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 943.13(1m)(c)4., no person shall enter or remain in any part of a building owned, occupied or controlled by the State or local governmental unit if the State or local governmental unit has notified the person not to enter or remain in the building while carrying a Firearm or a specific type of Weapon.

(b)    For purposes of this section, a Firearm means a weapon that acts by force of gunpowder.

(c)    For purposes of this section, a Weapon means a handgun, an electronic weapon defined as Wis. Stats. 941.295, a knife other than a switch blade under Wis. Stats. 941.24, or a billy club.

(d)    The City Administrator shall cause signs to be erected at all entrances to following City of Edgerton municipal buildings providing notice that no person is to enter or remain in any such building while carrying a Firearm or Weapon. Such signs shall be five inches by seven inches or larger.

1.    City Hall

2.    Police Station

3.    Library

4.    Veteran’s Building

5.    Public Works Garage

6.    Depot

7.    Wastewater treatment facilities and lift stations

8.    Water building and well/meter houses

9.    Aquatic Center and related buildings

10.    Fassett Cemetery Chapel

11.    Any other municipal buildings owned or operated by the City of Edgerton, whether now in existence or later constructed or leased except restrooms in parks, open-sided park pavilions.

(e)    Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to apply to prohibit a peace officer or armed forces or military personnel or any person duly authorized by the Chief of Police to possess a Firearm or Weapon in any public building. Notwithstanding Wis. Stats. § 939.22(22), for purposes of this paragraph, peace officer does not include a commission warden who is not a State certified commission warden.

(f)    Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize the carrying of any Firearm or Weapon contrary to Wis. Stats. §§ 941.23 or 941.235.

(2)    PERMITTED USES. This section shall not prevent the maintenance and use of duly supervised rifle or pistol ranges or shooting galleries authorized by the Common Council, or the firing or discharging of BB guns upon private premises by person over 16 or under direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

(3)    HUNTING. No person shall hunt using a firearm within the City, unless the Chief of Police has issued written permits to owners or occupants of private premises to hunt or shoot on such premises if he finds such privileges necessary for the protection of life or property and subject to such safeguards as he may impose for the safety of lives and property of other persons within the City. No person shall hunt using any weapon on City property.

(4)    RECKLESS USE OF WEAPONS. No person shall engage in the reckless or reckless conduct of a weapon or with a weapon.

(a)    Weapon is defined as any firearm, rifle, spring or air gun, knife, bow and arrow or any other instrument or device used to injure or kill.

(b)    Reckless use of a weapon is defined as:

1.    Endangers another’s safety by reckless conduct in the operation or handling of a firearm, airgun, knife or bow and arrow; or

2.    Operates or goes armed with a firearm while he is under the influence of an intoxicant; or

3.    Intentionally points a firearm at or toward another.

4.    While on the land of another discharges a firearm within 100 yards of any building devoted to human occupancy situated on and attached to the lands of another without the express permission of the owner or occupant of the building. “Building” as used in this paragraph does not include any house trailer, mobile home, tent, bus, truck, vehicle or similar portable unit.

(c)    Reckless conduct consists of an act which creates a situation of unreasonable risk and high probability of death or great bodily harm to another and which demonstrates a conscious disregard for the safety of another and a willingness to take known chances of perpetrating an injury. It is intended that this definition embraces all of the elements of what was heretofore known as gross negligence in the criminal law of Wisconsin.


(a)    Any minor who goes armed with a pistol or any person who intentionally sells, loans or gives a pistol to a minor shall be, upon conviction, subject to s48.343, Wis. Stats.

(b)    This section does not apply to a minor who is armed with a pistol when such pistol is being used in target practice under the supervision of an adult nor does it apply to an adult who transfers a pistol to a minor for use only in target practice under his supervision.

(c)    All sheriffs, their undersheriff’s, and deputies, constables, and policemen shall take from a minor any pistol found in his possession in violation of this section.

(d)    In this section pistol means any firearm having a barrel less than 12 inches long. (Ord. 14-01)