(1)    PROHIBITED GENERALLY. No person, firm or corporation shall, within City limits trap any animal, wild or domesticated or otherwise, nor place, lay or in any other manner set any trap designed for such a purpose, except as provided in Ordinance section 16.32(2).

(2)    PROHIBITED EXEMPTIONS. The following exemptions shall apply:

a.    The prohibition shall not apply to the owner of any land who sets animal traps inside a building or sets live animal traps on the owner’s land for the control of elimination of animal pests. The prohibition shall also not apply to any federal, state or local governmental official who is setting traps as part of any act within the scope of such official’s office.

b.    Traps shall be allowed in certain publicly owned areas subject to approval by the City Police Chief. Such traps may be set only in a minimum of three inches of water and will not be allowed on dry land. Permitted traps must be conibear traps of a size for muskrat trapping only. Twenty-five (25) traps are the maximum number allowed per trapper. The City is not responsible for any damages that arise from the use of any traps.