(1)    OBSTRUCTION. No person shall stand, sit, loaf, or loiter or engage in any sport or exercise on any public street, sidewalk, bridge, railway depot platform, railway cars, or public park or public ground with in the City in such a manner as to prevent or obstruct the free passage of pedestrian or vehicular traffic thereon or to prevent or hinder free ingress and egress to or from any place of business, amusement, church, public hall, or meeting place, or for any other purpose for which a proper accounting cannot be made.

(2)    PLAYING GAMES. No person shall engage in playing any game in any street.


(a)    REQUEST TO MOVE ON. No person shall loiter upon any street, bridge, sidewalk, or crossing after being requested to move on by a Police Officer.

(b)    LOITERING FOR IMPROPER PURPOSES. No person shall loiter or lounge in any public street or highway, or in any other public place or building, for any purpose, or insult or disturb any person by any obscene act, gesture, or language.

(c)    LOITERING ABOUT PUBLIC LIBRARY. No person shall loaf or loiter in front of or on the walks adjacent to and pertaining to the Edgerton Public Library, or make any unusual and disturbing noises within the vicinity of the Edgerton Public Library during the hours when it is open to the public with intent to disturb or annoy persons using such library.

(d)    LOITERING ON COMMERCIAL PROPERTY. No person shall remain or loiter on the property of any commercial premises other than for the purpose of conducting legitimate business transactions. In addition, no person shall remain on said premises after the conducting of said business transactions and after being told to leave the premises by the owner, any employee or agent of said owner, or police officer. No person on any commercial premises shall conduct themselves in a manner which is disorderly, which disturbs the commercial environment at said premises or otherwise tends to disturb other customers at said premises or deters customers from coming upon said premises. In this section, commercial premises are defined to be any business open to the public whether for the sale of goods, products and/or services to the public.

(4)    PUBLIC PROPERTY. No person shall maltreat or annoy any person in any public place nor shall refuse to move from any public property in the City when asked to move by the owner or Police Officer.

(5)    RACING. No person shall engage in racing any motor vehicle, bicycle, horse or other animal on any public street, or property.

(6)    ANIMALS NOT TO BE LEFT LOOSE. No person shall allow any dogs, cats, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, mules, asses, swine, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, or other poultry or animals in his or her custody or under his or her control to go or be at large or to pasture or feed unattended or be loose and unattended in any street, highway, alley or upon any public or private grounds other than those owned by the owner of said animals.

(7)    CATCHING RIDES. No person shall catch a ride upon any motor vehicle of another person without permission from the owner or person in charge of such vehicle while such vehicle is parked or standing upon the public streets, public parking lots or other public areas of the City.

(8)    CLIMB ON MOTOR VEHICLES. No person shall lie, climb, or sit upon the motor vehicle while such vehicle is parked, standing or in motion upon the public streets, public parking lots or other public areas of the City.

(9)    COASTING. No person shall coast upon any sled, skies sleigh, or any device used to coast/slide upon any street.