(1)    VEHICLE LICENSE REQUIRED. No person, firm or corporation shall operate any cab, taxicab or any vehicle carrying passengers for hire within the City without first securing a vehicle license from the City.


(a)    APPLICATION. Applicants for a vehicle license shall file with the City Administrator an application and pay the appropriate fee.

(b)    BOND. Such application shall be accompanied by a good and sufficient indemnity bond issued by a surety or indemnity company duly authorized to transact business in this state, which bond shall describe each vehicle to be licensed by factory number, maker’s name and carrying capacity. Said bond shall provide that the owner or operator issuing the same shall be directly liable for and shall pay all damages, whether to persons or property, that may be recovered against said owner or operator by reason of the negligent use and operation of each such licensed vehicle in an amount of at least One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) to any one person and Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) for any one accident. The bond provided for by this subsection shall be deemed to include any policy of insurance or other contract in writing by which any surety or insurance company authorized to execute such contract shall assume the liability prescribed in this subsection. If any bond so filed becomes inoperative, the vehicle covered thereby shall not be operated until a bond meeting the requirements of this subsection has been filed.

(3)    VEHICLE LICENSE ASSIGNABILITY. The owner of any licensed vehicle may, with the consent of the council, assign the license covering such vehicle to any person to whom such vehicle may be sold, or the owner of any licensed vehicle may transfer such license to any other vehicle owned by the licensee; provided, however, that no person, firm or corporation shall operate more than one such vehicle for each license held.

(4)    VEHICLE LICENSE REGISTER KEPT-EXHIBITED. Each vehicle license shall be numbered and dated and shall contain the name of the person applying for the same. It shall be the duty of the City Administrator to keep a register of all licenses granted under this chapter wherein shall be stated the number of such license, to whom issued and the date thereof. Every person, firm or corporation who may be licensed as aforesaid shall forthwith cause the license number to be plainly exhibited on the right and left side of each vehicle so operated in figures not less than one and one-half inches in length. Where any licensee operates more than one such vehicle, all vehicles operated by such licensee shall be individually numbered, consecutively from one to the total number of such vehicles, and on each such vehicle there shall be exhibited on each side thereof, in letter of like size, the individual vehicle number in addition to the license number. Such vehicle number and license number shall be separated by a dash.

(5)    RENTED OR LEASED VEHICLES. This chapter shall be understood to require a vehicle license for every vehicle which may be leased or rented for use with or without a driver.

(6)    DRIVER’S LICENSE REQUIRED. No person shall operate cab, taxicab, or any other vehicle covered by Section 19.02 (1) carrying passengers for hire within the limits of the City unless the operator of said vehicle is properly licensed by the State Motor Vehicle Department and City of Edgerton for the operation of the cab, taxicab, or other vehicle carrying passengers for hire.


(a)    APPLICATION. Applicants for driver’s license shall file an application with the City Administrator and shall pay to the appropriate license fee. No such license shall be issued to any person under the age of 18 years, or shall any such license be granted to any applicant who has been convicted of s. 346.63 of the Wisconsin Statutes or any amendments thereto, or any local ordinances adopting said State Statute within one (1) year previous to the date of filing such application, or whose driving record indicates an inability of the applicant to comply with motor vehicle laws.

(b)    NONTRANSFERABLE. No driver’s license shall be transferable.

(c)    DISPLAY REQUIRED. All persons compelled by this chapter to have a driver’s license shall have and keep the same displayed in a conspicuous place on the inside of the vehicle.

(d)    REVOCATION. In addition to the penalties in Section 19.001 (7), dealing with suspension and/or revocation, the Council may at any time suspend or revoke any vehicle driver’s license when in its judgment public safety requires such suspension or revocation. The same procedure shall be employed as set forth in Section 19.001 (7). A vehicle driver’s license is automatically revoked for the period of one year upon the licensee’s conviction of driving or operating a motor vehicle in violation of Section 346.63 Wis. Stats., any amendments thereto or any ordinances adopting said statute, or any other State Statute or local ordinance involving the driving or operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicant or a controlled substance or with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1 percent by weight of alcohol in that person’s blood or 0.1 grams or more of alcohol in 210 liters of that persons breath.

(8)    RATES. Before any license shall be issued to any person, firm or corporation to operate a vehicle carrying passengers for hire, said person, firm or corporation shall file with the City Administrator a list of rates and charges for transportation within the City limits of the City of Edgerton. Increases in charges and rates shall be effective only upon filing a list of the increased rates and charges with the City Administrator at least thirty (30) days prior to said changes taking effect.

(9)    EXCEPTIONS. The following shall be exempt from all provisions of this chapter, although, any such vehicles and the drivers thereof shall be required to be licensed if used in any other class of work. (Ord. 96-4)

(a)    Vehicles owned or leased by licensed funeral directors or to the drivers of such vehicles when employed by such licensed funeral directors in the conduct of funerals, weddings and christenings. (Ord. 96-4)

(b)    Vehicles used for the urban mass transit and contracted with the City for the Shared Ride Taxi Service in which funding is provided through the Federal, State and City units of government. (Ord. 01-05)