(1)    PURPOSE. Recording of residential rental and commercial buildings is essential for the proper enforcement of the City’s municipal codes and for all departments to carry out their responsibilities to safeguard persons and property.

(2)    REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Every owner of a rental (non-owner occupied) dwelling unit or a commercial building shall keep on record with the City, contact information of two (2) or more persons located in Rock or Dane County who, by virtue of his or her ownership, employment, or delegation, can exercise control and care over the property, and provide access to the property.


(a)    The contact information shall be submitted on a form provided by the City and shall include the actual name of the owner per deed to the property, two contact names of the individuals designated to be contacts, two phone numbers for each contact listed, an email address (if available) for each of the contacts, and contact information for a management company for the property, if one is being utilized.

(b)    These names and contact information shall be updated with the City within 45 days following a change in the contact information.

(4)    EFFECTIVE DATE: Owners must be in compliance with this registry requirement by January 1, 2014.

(5)    EXCEPTIONS. This requirement does not apply to properties that are owned and operated by local, state, or federal government agencies, or a subdivision or agency of government.

(6)    PENALTIES: Failure to comply with the provision of this section may result in penalties as set forth in Chapter 19 of the City of Edgerton Code of Ordinances.