(1)    LICENSE REQUIRED. No person, firm or corporation shall engage in the business of buying, selling, gathering, delivering or storing of second hand automobiles, old iron, paper, rags or other materials commonly included within the term of “junk” without first having obtained a license therefor and paying the appropriate fee as provided herein.

(2)    FIREPROOF BUILDINGS. No combustible junk shall be stored in any building unless said building is of fireproof construction.

(3)    FENCES TO ENCLOSE JUNK YARDS. Unless the Zoning Code for the City of Edgerton imposes stricter requirements, every junk yard shall be enclosed by a substantial enclosure not less than four feet in height nor more than six feet in height, such fence to be approved of by the Building Inspector, and maintained in a proper condition of repair, except when the Building Inspector deems such enclosure unnecessary. Junk shall be piled so as not to rest against or project through the enclosure. Plans for such enclosure shall be submitted before any license is granted.