(1)    PERMIT REQUIRED. In this section Private Property includes but is not limited to coin operated vending machines, cafe tables and chairs, merchandise for sale (for more than seven days per year). If merchandise is displayed for less than seven days per year a permit is not required. Personal property in this section does not include signage. No person shall display or place private property on public sidewalk unless the owner thereof has first obtained a permit and has paid the appropriate fee as provided herein.


(a)    One (1) coin-operated vending machine shall be allowed per business location on the public sidewalk in the downtown Edgerton business district.

(b)    Private property shall not be placed in a location that obstructs, hides or blocks a view of traffic warning or control signals, pedestrian cross-walks or handicapped curbside ramps, or that blocks doors or fire escapes.

(c)    Private property shall have at least forty-eight inches of clear space between it and any obstruction or curb.

(d)    The private property shall be placed contiguous to a building.

(e)    The location shall not block the flow of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk.

(f)    Said private property shall not contain glass.

(g)    Private property shall be secured to prevent it from blowing away or otherwise moving to obstruct the sidewalk or street.

(h)    Alcohol is not permitted on a public sidewalk or street without compliance with a liquor license.