Chapter 21

21.01    Intent and Purpose.

21.02    Rules and Definitions.

21.03    Minimum Standards for Basic Equipment, Lighting, Ventilation, Heating Electrical Service.

21.04    Safe and Sanitary Maintenance of Property.

21.05    Quantity, Location and Use of Space in Residential Buildings.

21.06    Fire Safety.

21.07    Fixing Is the Responsibility of Owners, Operators and Occupants and Providing Permits for Residential Buildings.

21.08    Designation of Unfit Buildings or Structures and Legal Procedures of Repair or Razing. (See Also Chapter 20.13).

21.09    Construction of Buildings.

21.10    Sound Control.

21.11    Separability.

21.12    Razing Old or Damaged Buildings.

21.13    Fair and Open Housing.

21.14    Board of Appeals.

21.15    Board of Appeals, Powers.

21.16    Changes and Amendments.

21.17    Enforcement.

21.18    Liability of City.

21.19    Penalty.