(1)    The Common Council hereby finds and determines that the storm water utility charges established under this Chapter reasonably reflect the services rendered to real property and may be, and are hereby authorized to be, assessed, charged, levied, imposed and collected upon such property as a special charge in accord with all applicable Wisconsin Statutes.

(2)    The mailing of the bill for storm water utility charges to a property owner shall serve as notice to the property owner that failure to pay the charges when due may result in the charges being levied upon the owner’s applicable real property.

(3)    In addition, the City may provide notice each October of any unpaid charges to the Storm Water Utility and such charges, if not paid by November 15, may be placed upon the tax roll and collected in the manner provided by this Chapter and/or the applicable provisions of the Wisconsin Statutes. The collection method provided in this section is in addition to the collection method provided for in this Chapter.