This chapter establishes policies, regulations and standards necessary to insure that the community will continue to realize the benefits provided by its urban forest. Activities regulated include, but are not limited to:

(1)    The planting, transplanting, removal, maintenance and protection of trees and shrubs within the City in order to eliminate and guard against dangerous conditions which may result in injury to persons using the streets, sidewalks or other public property;

(2)    To promote and enhance the beauty and general welfare of the City;

(3)    To prevent damage to any public sewer, water main, street, sidewalk or other public property;

(4)    To protect trees and shrubs located in public areas from undesirable and/or unsafe planting, removal, treatment and maintenance practices; and

(5)    To guard all trees and shrubs within the City against the spread of disease or pests.

It is the intent of the City Council that the provisions of this chapter shall apply to all the trees, shrubs, or plants growing in or upon any public right-of-way or other public lands and to all trees and shrubs within the boundaries of the City which may threaten the life, health, safety or welfare of the public or of any public area. (Ord. 19-06)