The following terms, as used in this chapter, shall be defined as follows:

(1)    PUBLIC TREE. Any tree located within a public right-of-way or upon any other lands owned or leased by the City whether acquired by lease, purchase, gift, dedication, condemnation or otherwise.

(2)    SHRUB. Defined as a deciduous or evergreen woody plant with an expected mature height of generally not more than fifteen (15) feet, with single or multiple trunks or multiple leaders.

(3)    TREE. Any woody plant usually with a single stem unbranched at the base, with an expected mature height of fifteen (15) feet or more.

(4)    TREE ADVISORY BOARD. The board established under Section 32.03 and charged with implementation of this chapter.

(5)    PERSON. Includes an individual, firm, association or corporation.

(6)    PUBLIC NUISANCE. Any tree or shrub or part thereof which, by reason of its condition, interferes with the use of public areas; is infected with a plant disease; infested with injurious insects or pests; injurious to public improvements; or which may endanger life, health, safety or welfare of persons or property, public or private.

(7)    PUBLIC AREA. All public ways, parks and other lands owned or leased by the City.

(8)    URBAN FORESTRY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. A comprehensive plan including maintenance, new planting and budget with projections for long range implementation as recommended by the Tree Advisory Board and adopted by the City Council. (Ord. 19-06)