(1)    APPOINTMENT. The City Forester shall be appointed by, and shall serve at the pleasure of, the City Council.

(2)    POWERS AND DUTIES. The City Forester shall have the following general powers and duties:

(a)    To direct, manage, supervise, and control the City’s urban forestry program including the planting, removal, trimming, maintenance, and protection of all trees and shrubs in or upon all public areas of the City.

(b)    To enforce such rules, regulations, permit, and penalty procedures as deemed necessary and may do so by the issuance of administrative orders and/or municipal citations to effectuate the intent of this chapter.

(c)    To inspect any trees, shrubs, vines, hedges, plants, logs or branches existing or growing upon any property within the City and to conduct surveys and testing/sampling to determine if any destructive or communicable disease or pest exists which may be detrimental to or endanger the good health and well-being of trees or other plant life. No additional consent from the private property owner or person in possession of the property is necessary to carry out such duties.

(d)    To order the removal of a nuisance tree or shrub.

(e)    To restrict or regulate tree maintenance activities within the City limits to reduce the spread of infectious diseases and/or insects.

(f)    To provide information to the public concerning the urban forestry program and tree and shrub care.

(g)    To implement and direct a City Urban Forestry Management Plan.

(h)    To plant, remove, maintain, and protect all public trees and shrubs or cause such work to be done as may be necessary to preserve the beauty of public areas, and to protect life and property. (Ord. 19-06)