Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Short title – Purpose.

2.10.020    Authority, powers and duties.

2.10.030    Administration of town.

2.10.040    Town meetings.

2.10.050    Emergency.

2.10.010 Short title – Purpose.

This chapter is entitled the “town of Richmond town chair ordinance.” The purpose of this chapter is as set forth in this chapter. [Code 2002 § 2-111.]

2.10.020 Authority, powers and duties.

The town board has, by the adoption of this chapter, confirmed the specific statutory authority, powers and duties of the town chair established in Wis. Stats. Ch. 60 (Wis. Stats. Section 60.01 et seq.) and has established, pursuant to that chapter and this chapter, other statutory authority, powers and duties of the town chair to manage and direct certain affairs of the town. [Code 2002 § 2-112.]

2.10.030 Administration of town.

The town chair shall supervise the administration of the statutes and ordinances relating to the town and town operations to see that they are faithfully executed. [Code 2002 § 2-113.]

2.10.040 Town meetings.

The town chair shall chair all meetings of the town board. If the town chair cannot be present or abstains for a portion of the meeting, the next senior town board member shall chair the meeting during the absence or abstention. [Code 2002 § 2-114.]

2.10.050 Emergency.

The town chair shall, without prior approval of the town board and between scheduled town board meetings, have the authority to expend up to $1,000 in budgeted funds in the event the town chair determines that an emergency condition exists on town property which requires immediate action for the safety of the public and for the benefit of the town; provided, that no additional funds beyond the $1,000 limit shall be expended without an intervening board meeting. [Ord. dated 8/19/2014 § 1. Code 2002 § 2-115.]