Chapter 2.65


2.65.010    Short title – Purpose.

2.65.020    Authority of town board to regulate.

2.65.030    April election.

2.65.040    Nomination for office.

2.65.050    Eligibility for office.

2.65.060    Election procedure.

2.65.070    Voter registration.

2.65.080    Election officials.

2.65.010 Short title – Purpose.

This chapter is entitled the “town of Richmond election/eligibility for office ordinance.” The purpose of this chapter is as set forth in this chapter. [Code 2002 § 22-1.]

2.65.020 Authority of town board to regulate.

(a) The town board has the specific authority, pursuant to Wis. Stats. Sections 5.15, 5.25, 5.40, 5.91, 6.27, 6.79, 8.05, 60.10, 60.21, 60.30, 60.305, 60.307 and 66.11, to regulate elections, establish election procedures and to establish certain offices and the terms of those offices.

(b) The town board has, by adoption of this chapter, confirmed the statutory authority, powers and duties in Wis. Stats. Chs. 5, 6, 8, 60 and 66 (Wis. Stats. Sections 5.01 et seq., 6.01 et seq., 8.01 et seq., 60.01 et seq. and 66.01 et seq.) and establishes, pursuant to such chapters and this chapter, other statutory authority, powers and duties of the town board related to certain elections, certain election procedures and certain offices and the terms of those offices. [Code 2002 § 22-2.]

2.65.030 April election.

At the annual April spring election in odd-numbered years, the town shall elect, except as noted in this chapter, the town officers specified by this code and statutes, being town chairman, supervisors 1 and 2, clerk and treasurer. At the annual April spring election in even-numbered years, the town shall elect supervisors 3 and 4. [Code 2002 § 22-3.]

2.65.040 Nomination for office.

Every candidate for an elected office in the town shall be nominated by circulating and submitting for nomination papers for nonpartisan office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday in January for the February spring primary and April spring election in any year. [Code 2002 § 22-4.]

2.65.050 Eligibility for office.

Any person who is a qualified elector in the town may hold any elected town office in the town. No member of the town board may, during his term, be eligible for any town office or town position which, during such term, has been created by or the selection to which is vested in the town board. Any member of the town board will be eligible for such town office or town position if he resigns from the town board before being appointed to the town office or town position and if the office or position was not created during his term in office. [Code 2002 § 22-5.]

2.65.060 Election procedure.

(a) Voter Registration. The town does require voter registration.

(b) Polling Hours. The town shall have the election polls open on election day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. unless the time is extended by the town board.

(c) Polling Locations. The polling locations for the town shall be at the Town Hall unless designated otherwise by the town board.

(d) Wards. The town is divided into three voting wards. [Code 2002 § 22-6.]

2.65.070 Voter registration.

Voters are required to register for all elections in the town. [Code 2002 § 22-7.]

2.65.080 Election officials.

There shall be seven election inspectors for each polling place in the town, appointed per Wis. Stats. Sections 7.30 to 7.38. The town clerk shall be permitted to establish different working hours (split shifts) for different officials assigned to the same polling place. [Ord. dated 7/18/2006. Code 2002 § 22-8.]