Chapter 3.05


3.05.010    Charges authorized.

3.05.010 Charges authorized.

(a) Charges Authorized.

(1) Whenever the offices of the town attorney, town engineer, or any other of the town’s contract professional staff or whenever a member of the town’s staff is contacted for current services regarding a specific person’s or entity’s property, development or other special matter in the town of Richmond by the town chair or town supervisor, or any representative, employee, agent or designee of the town, or a property owner or any person or entity or a respective representative, if said service is not a service provided to the town of Richmond as a whole, then the town clerk shall be authorized to charge said person or entity for the current service provided and/or pursuant to the provision of Wis. Stats. Section 66.0627 to impose a special charge for that current service to the benefitted property owner for the fees incurred by the town.

(2) This section shall be enforced on the basis of the policy as established by the town by resolution enacted by the town board and revised from time to time that shall include schedules for cash deposits and other means of securing payment to the town.

(b) The town clerk or town treasurer is authorized to invoice each person or entity for special charges, allowing a period of time, not more than 30 days, to pay for current services provided to that person or entity by town contract professionals or town staff. The invoice shall include an itemized statement of the professional or staff services provided.

(c) The town clerk or town treasurer shall give each property owner, invoiced for current services, notice that a hearing may be requested before the town board regarding the charges against the property. If a hearing is timely requested in writing within 20 calendar days of the mailing of the invoice for current services, the matter shall be heard in accordance with the provisions of this chapter on the issue of the cost of professional or staff costs incurred to benefit a specific land owner.

(d) If any amount remains unpaid after the 30 days allowed for payment where no hearing has been timely requested, the town clerk shall automatically charge that delinquent amount, plus any applicable penalty and/or interest, against the current or next tax roll as a delinquent tax against the property pursuant to Wis. Stats. Section 66.0627. In the event the invoice rendered to a property owner or the time allowing for payment precludes placement on the current year’s tax roll, any such delinquent charge shall be extended to the following year’s tax roll.

(e) Upon receipt of a timely request for a hearing on the invoice for special charges, the town board shall hold a hearing regarding same at its next regular meeting or, at its discretion, at a special meeting. Such hearing shall be preceded by posted public notice and written notice to the property owner.

(f) When a timely hearing has been requested, no current special charges for services shall be placed on the tax roll until a hearing has been held and a decision has been rendered and reduced to writing, a copy of which shall be mailed to the property owner. Only that part of the special charges for services approved by the town board may be placed on the tax roll after the property owner has been given 30 days to pay from the date of the town board’s decision.

(g) The town, in addition to or instead of the above, may follow any other legal means to collect the amounts due. [Ord. dated 7/21/2009 § 1. Code 2002 § 2-8.]