Chapter 8.15


8.15.010    Brush collection policy and schedule.

8.15.020    Collection fees.

8.15.030    Billing and payment.

8.15.040    Remedies for failure to make payments.

8.15.010 Brush collection policy and schedule.

The town will collect brush on the first Monday of each month from April to November. Residents must call the Town Hall at 883-2269 to make an appointment for the Monday collection. Additional brush collection times may be scheduled during the spring and fall seasons. Christmas trees will be collected once in mid-January. [Code 2002 § 38-1.]

8.15.020 Collection fees.

(a) Brush located at the curbside will be chipped. The first 15 minutes of chipping will be free of charge. Fees for chipping shall be determined by the town board by resolution.

(b) Any property owner who wants a special brush collection time can call the Town Hall for an appointment. Fees for special brush collection shall be determined by the town board by resolution. [Ord. dated 8/19/2014 § 1. Code 2002 § 38-2.]

8.15.030 Billing and payment.

Any charges due shall be paid by the owner and/or the person requesting services within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Any amounts not timely paid shall accrue interest from the invoice date at the rate of one percent per month. [Code 2002 § 38-3.]

8.15.040 Remedies for failure to make payments.

(a) Suit. Any collection fees due from any person or user shall be deemed to be a debt due to the town from that person or user. If collection fees are not paid when due, the town board may commence an action in a court of competent jurisdiction; and recover from such person or user the amount of charges or fees and damages, if any, sustained by the town as a result of such failure to pay, together with reasonable attorney’s fees and such costs and expenses as may be allowed by law.

(b) Lien on Property. As an alternative to the suit described in subsection (a) of this section, the town board directs that unpaid collection fees shall automatically be extended upon the current or next tax roll as a delinquent tax against the property in the manner provided for in Wis. Stats. Section 66.60(16). [Code 2002 § 38-4.]