Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    General provisions.

16.20.020    Slow-no-wake.

16.20.030    Aircraft prohibited.

16.20.040    Violation – Penalty.

16.20.010 General provisions.

The general provisions as stated in Chapter 16.05 RMC control the waters of Lake Lorraine unless specified below. [Ord. dated 9/19/2017-1 § 2.]

16.20.020 Slow-no-wake.

(a) The term “slow-no-wake” as used in this section is defined as the slowest possible speed necessary to maintain steerage.

(b) In the event of shore or water conditions on Lake Lorraine which may impair transportation, safety, or property, either the town chair, by order, or the town board, by resolution, may, in their discretion, declare and impose a “slow-no-wake” speed restriction on watercraft operating anywhere and at any time on Lake Lorraine. Water level may be determined by a fixed measuring device created in the discretion of the town board.

(c) In the event the town chair declares and imposes a “slow-no-wake” speed restriction under this chapter, the town board shall review the declaration at its next regular or special meeting, and shall either reaffirm, rescind, or declare limitations upon the town chair’s declaration. Before the town board takes such action, the town chair may, in his or her discretion, lift the imposition of the speed restriction. In the event the town board imposes a speed restriction, or reaffirms the town chair’s imposition of such a restriction, and unless otherwise specified by the town board, the town chair may, in his or her discretion, lift the imposition of any speed restriction imposed under this section. [Ord. dated 9/19/2017-1 § 3.]

16.20.030 Aircraft prohibited.

No aircraft of any kind capable of landing on water shall land, take off, or be berthed on the frozen or unfrozen surface of the waters covered by this chapter, except for the temporary purpose of an emergency landing. [Ord. dated 6/21/2022 § 6.]

16.20.040 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter for which a penalty is not otherwise provided in this code or by state law shall be fined $1,000.00 or imprisoned not more than 30 days, or both, for the first offense; and fined $5,000 or imprisoned not more than 90 days, or both, upon conviction of the same offense a second or subsequent time within one year. [Ord. dated 6/21/2022 § 7.]