Chapter 14.09


14.09.005    Speeding.

14.09.010    Operating under the influence.

14.09.015    Hazard to navigation.

14.09.020    Failure to register.

14.09.025    Improper mooring.

14.09.030    Inadequate equipment.

14.09.035    Improper use of facilities.

14.09.040    Improper waste disposal.

14.09.045    Improper petroleum product disposal.

14.09.050    Improper care and control of animals.

14.09.055    Water sports.

14.09.060    Negligent operation.

14.09.065    Improper use of seaplane float.

14.09.070    Improper use of a loading zone.

14.09.075    Improper use of fire equipment.

14.09.080    Improper use of utilities.

14.09.085    Tampering and defacing signs.

14.09.090    Nuisance.

14.09.095    Failure to comply with rules, regulations or procedures.

14.09.100    Obstruct or impede use of any launch ramp.

14.09.105    Tampering with impounded vessels.

14.09.110    Idle vessel removal.

14.09.120    Penalty for violation.

14.09.005 Speeding.

No person shall operate or cause to be operated a vessel within the harbor in excess of three miles per hour or in a manner which causes an excessive wave. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.010 Operating under the influence.

No person may operate a vessel within the harbor while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs to the extent that it would be unlawful to operate a vessel under state law in such a condition. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.015 Hazard to navigation.

No person shall create, or fail to remove after request from the harbormaster, a hazard to navigation within the waters of the harbor. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.020 Failure to register.

No person shall fail to register a vessel operated by that person with the harbormaster within two hours of entering the harbor. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.025 Improper mooring.

No person shall moor a vessel:

A. In reserved moorage space assigned to another;

B. In any area not designated for transient moorage;

C. Without permission of the harbormaster;

D. In an area not designated for that size vessel; or

E. Without otherwise complying with Chapter 14.05 WMC. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.030 Inadequate equipment.

No person shall operate or moor a vessel within the harbor that does not have the equipment specified by WMC 14.05.035. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.035 Improper use of facilities.

No person may use portions of the harbor for purposes or in a manner not authorized by Chapter 14.07 WMC. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.040 Improper waste disposal.

No person shall dispose of trash, garbage, refuse, human or animal waste, or any similar substance into the water of the harbor or on the harbor grounds except in receptacles or locations designated by the harbormaster. Any person causing any waste to be introduced into the waters of the harbor in any manner must immediately remove the waste. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.045 Improper petroleum product disposal.

No person shall release any fuel, oil, their derivatives, wastes or byproducts, or other petroleum products into the waters or onto the lands of the harbor. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.050 Improper care and control of animals.

No person shall have or bring a dog or animal within the harbor unless the dog or animal is on a leash or confined to a vessel. The owner or other person in charge of the dog or animal must immediately remove any waste on floats or other harbor property caused by the dog or animal. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.055 Water sports.

No person shall engage in swimming, diving, water skiing, or other sports where the body of the person comes into contact with the water within the harbor except after notice to and with the permission of the harbormaster. Diving for the purpose of vessel repair and inspection or for law enforcement purposes is not prohibited by this section. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.060 Negligent operation.

No person shall operate a vessel in a manner which creates an unjustifiable risk of harm to a person or property. An “unjustifiable risk” is a risk of such a nature and degree that a failure to avoid it would constitute a deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would observe in that situation. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.065 Improper use of seaplane float.

No person shall moor or land a vessel at the seaplane float. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.070 Improper use of a loading zone.

No person shall moor a vessel in a loading or unloading zone for more than four hours. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.075 Improper use of fire equipment.

No person shall use firefighting equipment for any purpose other than fighting fires, or tamper with any public or private firefighting equipment. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.080 Improper use of utilities.

No person shall tap, connect, disconnect, interfere with, or tamper with any water outlet, water pipe, or water connection, or any electrical wiring, electrical outlet, or electrical connection of any kind installed or maintained in the Port of Wrangell without authorization from the harbormaster or use such facilities in an unsafe or inadequate electrical condition. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.085 Tampering and defacing signs.

No person shall erect, place, post, or maintain any advertising, sign, or other matter other than legal notices on any part of any facility of the Port of Wrangell without prior approval of the harbormaster. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.090 Nuisance.

No person shall create or maintain any nuisance within the Port of Wrangell, or cause any disturbance or other action contrary to federal, state and/or local law, statute or ordinance. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.095 Failure to comply with rules, regulations or procedures.

No person shall, following a lawful order of the harbormaster or his designee, fail to comply with any rule, regulation, or procedure of the Port of Wrangell provided for in this title. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.100 Obstruct or impede use of any launch ramp.

No person shall obstruct or impede the use of any launch ramp. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.105 Tampering with impounded vessels.

No person shall tamper with, move, or attempt to move any vessel which has been impounded by the harbormaster or by the U.S. Marshal. [Ord. 625 § 5, 1996.]

14.09.110 Idle vessel removal.

No vessel will be allowed to remain within the Wrangell Marine Service Center for longer than 24 consecutive months and such vessel is thereafter subject to impoundment and sale per WMC 14.13.005 through 14.13.060. [Ord. 871 § 2, 2013.]

14.09.120 Penalty for violation.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of an infraction and shall be punished by the fine established in the WMC 1.20.050 fine schedule if the offense is listed in that fine schedule or by a fine of up to $500.00 if the offense is not listed in the WMC 1.20.050 fine schedule. [Ord. 913 § 3, 2016.]