Chapter 20.10


20.10.010    Density Bonus Request And Review

20.10.020    Required Application Materials

20.10.030    Supplemental Application Materials

20.10.040    Concurrent Processing Of Applications

20.10.050    Project Cost And Revenue Itemization

20.10.060    Project Analysis

20.10.070    City Decision

20.10.010 Density Bonus Request And Review:

For subdivision projects, the density bonus shall be requested and reviewed as part of the tentative map project application. For nonsubdivision projects, the density bonus shall be requested and reviewed through a conditional use permit application. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.020 Required Application Materials:

In addition to the materials normally required for a tentative map or conditional use permit application, the applications shall clearly identify the restricted units and shall contain information sufficient to demonstrate that the project is a qualifying project. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.030 Supplemental Application Materials:

The Planning Director shall prepare and maintain a list of supplemental application materials for density bonus requests under this Title which materials shall be submitted together with and as part of the project application. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.040 Concurrent Processing Of Applications:

If the requested incentives require a separate land use application, such as a variance or conditional use permit, the required application shall be submitted with the project application for concurrent processing. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.050 Project Cost And Revenue Itemization:

Developers requesting incentives shall specify the incentives and shall clearly indicate how the incentive is necessary to ensure that the project will provide a reasonable economic return while still allowing restricted units to be affordable as required by this Title. At a minimum, the application shall include an itemized accounting of projected costs and revenues of the development, both with and without the incentives. Project revenues shall include monies from the sale or rental of all units, including the bonus units. Project costs shall not include the "lost opportunity" cost of the restricted units, i.e., the amount that would have been generated had the restricted units been rented or sold at market rate. Project costs may include items that are required solely as a result of the inclusion of the bonus units and would not have been required without such units. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.060 Project Analysis:

The Planning Director may direct, at the applicant’s expense, that an independent analysis be conducted of the project’s costs, revenues, and property value in order to determine the necessity for any requested density bonus and/or incentive. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.10.070 City Decision:

The City may accept, modify or recommend different incentives than those requested so long as the recommended incentive has the effect of reducing development standards or requirements or reduces or avoids costs to the developer. The City may disapprove the requested incentives subject to the findings set forth in Chapter 20.08.020 of this Title. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).