Chapter 1.17


1.17.010    Newman Redevelopment Agency.

1.17.010 Newman Redevelopment Agency.

A. There exist in the City blighted areas which constitute social and economic liabilities, requiring redevelopment in the interest of the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the City and the State of California. Such blighted areas are characterized by the conditions set forth in the Community Redevelopment Law (Health & Safety Code Sections 33000 et seq.), and it is the intention of the City Council to proceed under said law and other applicable laws to redevelop such areas.

B. It is hereby found and declared, pursuant to Section 33101 of the Community Redevelopment Law, that there is a need for the Redevelopment Agency created by Section 33100 of said law to function in the City. Said Agency is hereby authorized to transact business and exercise its powers under the Community Redevelopment Law, and shall be known as the “Newman Redevelopment Agency.”

C. Pursuant to Section 33200 of the Community Redevelopment Law, the City Council of the City does hereby declare itself to be the Agency, and all rights, powers, duties, privileges and immunities, vested by law in a Redevelopment Agency, shall be vested in the City Council of the City except as otherwise provided by law.

D. The City Council of the City by declaring itself the Redevelopment Agency will serve the public interest and promote the public safety and welfare in a very effective manner. (Ord. 90-1, 2-6-1990)