Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Continuation of library.

2.25.020    The library board.

2.25.030    Functions – Powers – Duties.

2.25.040    Library staff.

2.25.010 Continuation of library.

The public library of Coos Bay is continued under the provisions of ORS 357.400 to 357.621. [Ord. 57 § 1, 1986].

2.25.020 The library board.

(1) The public library shall be governed by a library board.

(2) The library board shall have seven members.

(3) Except as provided by subsection (5) of this section, members shall hold office for terms of four years, with the member’s term of office commencing on July 1st in the year of their appointment.

(a) Terms of office shall be staggered, with terms of no more than two members expiring in any year. Members shall be limited to serving no more than two full consecutive terms; however, any person may be reappointed after an interval of one year.

(b) Up to three appointees to the library board may, at any one time, reside in Coos County within the boundaries of School District No. 9, but outside the city limits of Coos Bay.

(4) At the expiration of the term of any member of the library board, the council shall appoint a new member or reappoint the incumbent member.

(5) If a vacancy occurs, the council shall appoint a new member for the unexpired term.

(6) The library board may recommend persons to the mayor or council for appointment to any open position on the library board, based upon criteria determined by the library board to be necessary and proper for effective library board membership.

(7) After each regular appointment, the library board shall meet and shall elect officers from among its members. The library director shall serve as secretary to the library board and shall keep a record of its actions.

(8) Library board members may not be removed during their period of appointment, except for good cause shown. [Ord. 218, 1995; Ord. 57 § 2, 1986].

2.25.030 Functions – Powers – Duties.

(1) The library board shall have such powers and duties which are assigned or delegated to it by the Charter, ordinances, or resolutions of the city of Coos Bay.

(2) The library board shall:

(a) Advise the city manager regarding the selection of the library director and the prescription of duties of the library director.

(b) Formulate bylaws, rules and policies for the governance of the library.

(c) Prepare and submit an annual budget request.

(d) Approve all expenditures from the library budget.

(e) Advise the city council regarding the selection of sites and locations for library buildings or other library facilities.

(f) Subject to the rules of the local contract review board, authorize the library director to enter into contracts for library purposes.

(g) Perform such other activities as are necessary for the maintenance of the library.

(3) The library board shall have the following powers and duties regarding donations of property to the library:

(a) The library board may accept donations of real or personal property, may use any real or personal property offered to the library, and may expend any funds donated to the library for library purposes.

(b) Any donation to the library shall be administered according to the terms of the donation, but shall be held in the name of the city of Coos Bay.

(c) The library board may use funds donated to the library for the purchase or control of personal property necessary for library purposes.

(d) The library board may dispose of any item of personal property donated to the library with a market value less than $2,000. Any item of personal property donated to the library with a market value greater than $2,000 may be disposed of by the library board upon approval by the city council.

(e) The library board may request to have real property donated to the library declared surplus property as provided by Chapter 3.45 CBMC; upon declaration that such real property is surplus property, the property may be disposed of, and the proceeds disbursed to the library. [Ord. 218, 1995; Ord. 57 § 3, 1986].

2.25.040 Library staff.

The city manager, with advice of the library director and as budgeted by the council, shall hire staff, prescribe their duties, and shall determine compensation and working conditions for all employees of the library, including library director. [Ord. 57 § 4, 1986].