Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Created – Membership.

2.60.020    Terms of members.

2.60.030    Proceedings of Commission.

2.60.040    Duties and responsibilities of Commission.

2.60.010 Created – Membership.

a. There shall be a City of Homer Parks, Art, Recreation and Culture Advisory Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Commission. The Commission will be composed of seven voting members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, plus one nonvoting member who shall be a Homer area high school student selected by his or her student body. Up to three voting members of the Commission may be nonresidents of the City, but City resident applicants shall be preferred for all Commission member appointments.

b. A Chair and Vice-Chair of the Commission shall be elected annually from and by the voting members of the Commission. The Chair shall preside at meetings of the Commission. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair. [Ord. 19-46 § 1, 2019; Ord. 16-22 § 2, 2016].

2.60.020 Terms of members.

a. Voting members of the Commission are appointed for three-year terms.

b. The nonvoting high school student member serving from Homer High School class shall be appointed for a term that coincides with the school year.

c. A Commission member who is absent without excuse from two consecutive regular meetings shall be subject to removal from the Commission by a majority vote of the members present. [Ord. 16-22 § 2, 2016].

2.60.030 Proceedings of Commission.

The Commission shall hold one regular meeting in each of the months of February through June and August through November on the day of the month that the Commission shall select from time to time, and otherwise at the call of the Chair or a majority of the Commission. A recording shall be made or minutes shall be kept of each meeting of the Commission, showing the vote of each member upon every question. The recording or minutes shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk and shall be a public record open to inspection by any person. [Ord. 16-22 § 2, 2016].

2.60.040 Duties and responsibilities of Commission.

The Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a. Act in an advisory capacity to the City Manager and the City Council on matters involving:

1. City parks.

2. Recreation facilities.

3. Public beaches and trails.

4. Support of the arts.

5. Acquisition, maintenance and disposition of works of art.

6. Land use and future development related to parks and recreation facilities.

7. The administration of the public arts fund established by HCC 18.07.090.

Any recommendation by the Commission regarding the matters described above shall be directed to the City Council through the City Manager, except that the recommendation shall be sent directly to the Council when the Commission so requests.

b. Perform the functions prescribed in Chapter 18.07 HCC related to funding works of art in public spaces.

c. Further the development and awareness of the arts in the City.

d. Consider any specific proposal, problem or project as directed by the City Council and report thereon directly to the Council or as the Council otherwise directs.

e. Solicit donations of money and property in support of its duties under this section. Donations of money shall be deposited to the City treasury in a separate fund designated for parks, art, recreation and culture purposes. Donations of property shall be accepted by deed or other conveyance subject to the approval of the City Council, and shall be held or disposed of for parks, art, recreation or cultural purposes as the Council may direct. The Commission may make recommendations to the Council for the disposition of money or property so received. [Ord. 16-22 § 2, 2016].