Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Commission – Creation and membership.

2.64.020    Commission – Terms of members.

2.64.030    Proceedings of the Commission.

2.64.040    Duties and responsibilities of the Commission.

Prior legislation: Ord. 73-1.

2.64.010 Commission – Creation and membership.

a. There is created the City of Homer Port and Harbor Advisory Commission, referred to in this chapter as the Commission. Such Commission will be made up of seven members, who shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Not more than two member(s) may be from outside the City limits.

b. A Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Commission shall be selected annually and shall be appointed from and by the appointive members.

c. The Mayor, the City Manager, the Port Director and the Harbormaster shall serve as consulting members of the Commission in addition to the seven appointive members, and may attend all meetings as consultants, but shall have no vote. [Ord. 23-39 § 2, 2023; Ord. 84-4 § 1, 1984; Ord. 73-12 § 1, 1973. Code 1967 § 7-400.1; Code 1981 § 1.72.010].

2.64.020 Commission – Terms of members.

a. Members of the first Commission shall be appointed for the following terms:

1. Three members shall be appointed for three-year terms;

2. Two members shall be appointed for two-year terms;

3. Two members shall be appointed for one-year terms.

b. At the end of the respective terms set forth in subsection (a) of this section, members shall be appointed for full three-year terms.

c. An appointment is vacated if a member has three consecutive unexcused absences, or misses half of all meetings within an appointment year, whether excused or unexcused. [Ord. 23-39 § 2, 2023; Ord. 78-4 § 1, 1978. Code 1967 § 7-400.3; Code 1981 § 1.72.020].

2.64.030 Proceedings of the Commission.

The Commission shall meet regularly once a month, and at the call of the Chairman. Permanent records or minutes shall be kept of Commission proceedings and such minutes shall record the vote of each member upon every question. Every decision or finding shall immediately be filed in the office of the City Clerk, and shall be a public record open to inspection by any person. Every decision or finding shall be directed to the City Council at the earliest possible date. [Ord. 23-39 § 2, 2023. Code 1967 § 7-400.5; Code 1981 § 1.72.030].

2.64.040 Duties and responsibilities of the Commission.

a. It shall be the duty of the Commission to act in an advisory capacity to the City Manager and the City Council on the problems and development of the City port and harbor facilities. Consideration may include the physical facilities, possible future development and recommendations on land use within the port and harbor areas.

b. The daily operation and maintenance of the port and harbor are the direct responsibility of the Port Director and the Harbormaster, under the direction of the City Manager. Any recommendation the Commission or a Commission member may have regarding the operation and maintenance of the facilities is to be directed to the City Manager, not a port or harbor employee. The City Manager will study the recommendation and refer it to the Council, or the recommendations of the Commission concerning policy issues shall be sent directly to the Council upon the request of the Commission.

c. The Commission shall consider any specific proposal, problem or project as directed by the City Council and any report or recommendations thereon shall be made directly to the Council, unless otherwise directed by the Council.

d. The City Council may at a future date expand or withdraw duties and responsibilities of the Commission. [Ord. 23-39 § 2, 2023; Ord. 89-21(A) § 1, 1989. Code 1967 § 7-400.7; Code 1981 § 1.72.040].