Chapter 4.15


4.15.010    Ballots – Form.

4.15.020    Ballots – Distribution.

4.15.010 Ballots – Form.

a. Ballots shall be prepared in the manner prescribed for State elections, insofar as such requirements are applicable to nonpartisan elections.

b. City of Homer official ballots shall be white and may have a narrow trim of green or, in the case of a hand count election or as determined by the City Clerk, green tinted paper may be used. The ballots shall be numbered in series, the number being placed in an area set off by perforations, known as the ballot stub, for ease of removal. At the top of the ballot shall be printed the words: “Official Ballot of the City of Homer, Alaska,” the date of the election, and whether it is a regular or special election.

c. All candidates for the same office shall be shown on one ballot. The title of each office to be filled shall be followed by the printed names of all candidates for that office and the provision shall be made for write-ins equal in number to the positions to be filled, except there shall be no provision made for write-ins on a runoff election ballot. The names of candidates shall be printed as they appear upon the candidacy declaration forms except that any honorary or assumed title or prefix shall be omitted, but may include in the candidate’s name any nickname or familiar form of a proper name of the candidate. The words “Vote for not more than _______,” with the appropriate number replacing the blank, shall be placed before the lists of candidates for each office. Ballots shall be numbered consecutively and candidate names shall be listed in the order that candidacy declarations are filed.

d. Following the offices and candidates, there shall be placed on the ballot or on separate ballots as the Clerk may determine all propositions or questions to be voted on. The words “YES” and “NO” shall be placed below the statement of each proposition or question. The Clerk shall determine the number of ballots to be used to present all offices, propositions and questions to the qualified voter.

e. The Clerk shall have printed and available at each polling place on election day and in the Clerk’s office preceding the election the sample ballots on tinted paper, not green tinted, for each election. Instructions to voters may be printed on the back of the sample ballot.

f. If the election board receives an insufficient number of official ballots, it shall provide and the voters may use a substitute ballot. The election board shall certify the facts which prevented the use of the official ballots and materials and shall include the certificate in the election returns. [Ord. 01-52, 2001; Ord. 99-13 § 3, 1999; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995; Ord. 82-6 § 10, 1982].

4.15.020 Ballots – Distribution.

a. The Clerk shall have the official ballots in his possession at least 15 days (minimum requirement) before each regular election or seven days before each special election. At that time, the ballots may be inspected by any candidate whose name is on the ballot, or his authorized agent, and any mistake discovered shall be corrected immediately. Sufficient ballots for each precinct shall be delivered to the election board for that precinct.

b. The ballots shall be delivered in a separate sealed package, with the number of ballots enclosed clearly marked on the outside of the package. A receipt shall be signed by the election board member to whom each package is delivered; the receipt to be preserved with other records of election. [Ord. 95-1(S), 1995; Ord. 82-6 § 11, 1982].