Chapter 4.25


4.25.010    Authorized.

4.25.040    Tests and security.

4.25.060    Voting ballots.

4.25.070    Delivery of ballots to the counting center/Homer election central.

4.25.080    Processing of ballots.

4.25.090    Manual counting.

4.25.100    Determination of tie votes.

4.25.110    Other ballot counting systems authorized.

4.25.010 Authorized.

The Election Supervisor may provide for punchcard voting or scan type voting at one or more voting places for one or more questions or offices on the ballot. In the case of a special election or run-off or as needed to conduct an election the City Clerk may issue paper ballots, which shall contain the same information as all official ballots; however, each paper ballot shall contain the City Clerk’s signature for authenticity, unless printed by a certified ballot printer. [Ord. 99-13 § 5, 1999; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995].

4.25.040 Tests and security.

The Election Supervisor shall prescribe testing of the ballot counting system to be used and shall conduct the test no later than one week prior to the election. The Clerk may use the testing procedures used by the State. The ballot counting system, once prepared for the election, shall be kept secure at all times. When in the possession of the polling place chair/judge it shall be kept secure. [Ord. 03-66 § 3, 2003; Ord. 99-13 § 5, 1999; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995].

4.25.060 Voting ballots.

The voter shall be given one ballot for candidates and/or propositions, and shall retire alone to a voting booth or other area provided. There, the voter without undue delay shall prepare his ballot by following the instructions provided at the polling place. Before leaving the voting booth or other area provided the voter shall place his ballot in a secrecy sleeve in a manner that conceals how the ballot is marked. The voter shall deposit the ballot in the ballot box. [Ord. 03-66 § 4, 2003; Ord. 00-15 § 3, 2000; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995; Ord. 82-6 § 14, 1982].

4.25.070 Delivery of ballots to the counting center/Homer election central.

The delivery of ballots from the precinct polling place to the designated computer counting center/Homer election central shall be made by a delivery team consisting of at least two members of each precinct election board. The delivery team shall accompany the ballots from the precinct polling place to the receiving board at the counting center/Homer election central. [Ord. 00-15 § 3, 2000; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995].

4.25.080 Processing of ballots.

The Election Supervisor shall issue rules prescribing the manner in which ballots shall be processed and counted to ensure accuracy, security and to expedite the process subject to the following procedures:

a. Precinct delivery teams shall deliver ballots to the counting center/Homer election central pursuant to HCC 4.25.070.

b. A receipt for ballots received will be issued, such receipt to be signed by the delivery team and receiving election official.

c. After the ballots are counted either electronically or manually the Clerk shall secure sealed counted ballots for storage until the election is certified, or recount of any precinct is ordered. The counted ballots shall be disposed of in the time and method prescribed by Homer City Code. [Ord. 00-15 § 3, 2000; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995; Ord. 84-17 §§ 3, 5, 1984; Ord. 82-6 § 18, 1982].

4.25.090 Manual counting.

The Election Supervisor shall appoint one or more counting teams to count write-in votes, if the number of write-in votes for an office exceeds the smallest number of votes cast for a candidate for that office whose name is printed on the ballot. If an equipment failure occurs and the Election Supervisor determines that the ballots are to be counted manually, the Election Supervisor shall appoint at least two counting teams who shall count the ballots. Manual counting shall be done in accordance with written rules issued by the Election Supervisor. Manual counting shall be done in accordance with State guidelines and the Homer City Code. [Ord. 03-66 § 5, 2003; Ord. 00-15 § 3, 2000; Ord. 99-13 § 5, 1999; Ord. 95-1(S), 1995].

4.25.100 Determination of tie votes.

If the results of the electronic or manual count show two or more candidates tied in having the highest number of votes for the same office for which there is to be elected only one candidate, the Election Supervisor and/or Data Processing Review Board shall immediately proceed with a recount of the votes for that office. The recount tallies shall be prepared and certified as provided for the first count. If a tie vote still exists the procedure outlined in HCC 4.35.010(e) shall be followed. [Ord. 95-1(S), 1995; Ord. 90-42(A) § 3, 1990; Ord. 82-6 § 19, 1982].

4.25.110 Other ballot counting systems authorized.

Nothing in this title prohibits the use of other ballot counting systems which have been approved for use in State elections. The Election Supervisor, subject to any further approval as may be required by law, may prescribe rules for the use of these systems or may adopt such rules, regulations and procedures as have been adopted by the State in State elections. [Ord. 99-13 § 5, 1999].