Chapter 5.08


5.08.010    Transfer of power.

5.08.020    Transportation of garbage or trash.

5.08.030    Violation – Penalty.

5.08.010 Transfer of power.

All powers presently possessed by the City as a city of the first class which pertain to garbage and solid waste disposal, acquisition, and maintenance of suitable disposal sites therefor are transferred to the Kenai Peninsula Borough; provided, that such transfer of powers is accepted by the Assembly of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, pursuant to Section 14.10.050(b) of Ordinance 73-41 of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. [Code 1967 § 5-600.1].

5.08.020 Transportation of garbage or trash.

No person shall transport garbage, trash or other materials in vehicles unless such materials have been secured to prevent scattering or spillage. [Ord. 80-6 § 1, 1980. Code 1967 § 5-1000.1].

5.08.030 Violation – Penalty.

The penalty for an offense in this chapter is the fine listed in the fine schedule in HCC 1.16.040. If no fine is listed for the offense in HCC 1.16.040, then the defendant must appear in court and, if convicted, is subject to the general penalty as provided in HCC 1.16.010 unless another penalty is specifically provided. [Ord. 18-11 § 2, 2018].


For statutory provisions authorizing cities to provide for garbage and solid waste disposal, see AS 29.35.200 and 29.35.210.