Chapter 11.16


11.16.010    Load restrictions within public rights-of-way.

11.16.020    Violation – Penalty.

11.16.010 Load restrictions within public rights-of-way.

The City Manager, with the advice of the Public Works Director, is authorized to determine and designate those streets, alleys or roadways within the City limits upon which vehicles of excessive gross weight would create a hazard or cause undue damage to the roadway. He shall erect appropriate signs stating the gross weight permitted on such designated streets. No person shall disobey the restrictions stated in such signs. In lieu of posting signs, the City Manager or his designee may notify the operator or owner that his vehicle exceeds the permitted gross weight for existing road conditions and the vehicle shall immediately cease operating until weight restrictions are lifted. [Ord. 85-27 § 1, 1985].

11.16.020 Violation – Penalty.

The violation of any provision contained in this chapter shall be punished under HCC 1.16.010. [Ord. 85-27 § 1, 1985].