Chapter 17.15


17.15.010    Partial payment for inaccessible frontage road.

17.15.020    Corner lot assessment.

17.15.010 Partial payment for inaccessible frontage road.

a. The record owner of a through lot or flag lot may delay payment of the part of an assessment for road improvements that is based on frontage on a road to which the lot does not yet have access. To delay payment under this section, the owner shall enter into a delayed payment agreement with the City before the end of the period for filing objections to the district under HCC 17.02.050.

b. A delayed payment agreement shall include provisions confirming:

1. The lot fronts two streets but only has access to one of those streets;

2. The lot owner agrees to pay the part of the assessment based on frontage on the street to which the lot has access; and

3. When and if the lot acquires access to the other street the property fronts, the owner agrees to pay the remaining part of the assessment.

c. A delayed payment agreement shall be recorded with the District Recorder’s office. [Ord. 19-23(S-2)(A) § 5, 2019].

17.15.020 Corner lot assessment.

The assessment for road improvements against a corner lot shall be based only on the longer of the lot’s road frontages. [Ord. 19-23(S-2)(A) § 5, 2019].