Chapter 18.40


18.40.010    Scope – Airport terminal regulations.

18.40.020    Airport terminal management – Code enforcement.

18.40.030    Regulation compliance.

18.40.040    Noncompliance – Removal.

18.40.050    Restraint of incapacitated persons.

18.40.060    Violation – Penalty.

18.40.010 Scope – Airport terminal regulations.

a. This chapter shall apply to the use and operation of the Homer Airport Terminal.

b. The airport terminal manager shall have the power to adopt additional airport terminal regulations with reference to safety, accommodation, user fees, and service to the public, as may be necessary to efficient terminal operations, subject to approval by the City Council prior to becoming effective. The City Clerk shall make copies of such regulations available to the public and shall post such regulations in a public place in the airport terminal, but the failure to post such regulations will not affect their validity or enforceability. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].

18.40.020 Airport terminal management – Code enforcement.

a. The airport terminal manager shall be the City Manager or his designee.

b. The City Manager may, with the approval of the Council, contract with an independent contractor to provide services as the airport terminal manager. In that case, subsection (a) of this section shall not apply, and the City Manager shall designate in writing an employee of the independent contractor as airport terminal manager. The City Manager may also designate additional employees of the independent contractor as peace officers as provided in subsection (c) of this section.

c. Compliance with this chapter and airport terminal regulations, including parking regulations, may be enforced by any police officer, the airport terminal manager, and any additional persons authorized to do so in writing by the City Manager. The airport terminal manager and such additional persons are hereby designated as peace officers with the authority to enforce this chapter and airport terminal regulations in the manner provided in AS 12.25.180 through 12.25.230.

d. All City Code provisions related to vehicles and traffic apply to the airport and may be enforced on airport terminal property by any police officer, the airport terminal manager and peace officers designated in accordance with this section. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].

18.40.030 Regulation compliance.

All persons on any part of the property comprising the airport terminal shall comply with airport terminal regulations and lawful orders and instruction appertaining thereto issued by the airport terminal manager or his designee. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].

18.40.040 Noncompliance – Removal.

The airport terminal manager, police officers and any peace officer with authority to enforce this chapter may remove or eject from the airport terminal property any person who knowingly and willfully violates any provision of this chapter, or any person committing a criminal offense on the airport terminal property; and they may deny use of the airport terminal to any such person if they determine that such denial is necessary for the protection of person, property, or public health, safety or welfare under the circumstances. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].

18.40.050 Restraint of incapacitated persons.

In the event that any person shall show intent to board or operate an aircraft while physically incapacitated or mentally irresponsible by virtue of intoxication or the effects of drugs, or if any person shall attempt to board or operate an aircraft illegally, the airport terminal manager or any peace officer with authority to enforce this chapter may restrain in any reasonable manner such person from performing such activities. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].

18.40.060 Violation – Penalty.

Any violation of this chapter or airport terminal regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter shall be unlawful and is punishable as provided in HCC 1.16.010. [Ord. 94-8(S), 1994].