Chapter 19.04


19.04.010    Official name of City cemetery.

19.04.020    Regulation promulgation authority.

19.04.030    Rules and regulations on file.

19.04.040    Burial – Where permitted.

19.04.050    Repealed.

19.04.060    Repealed.

19.04.070    Excavating and covering of graves.

19.04.080    Marking of graves.

19.04.090    Monuments.

19.04.100    Violation – Penalty.

Prior legislation: Ord. 69-11.

19.04.010 Official name of City cemetery.

The City cemetery shall be known officially as the “Hickerson Memorial Cemetery” and this name may be used interchangeably with that of “City Cemetery.” [Code 1967 § 19-100.1].

19.04.020 Regulation promulgation authority.

The City Manager may, subject to the approval of the Council, promulgate regulations pertaining to the use of the City Cemetery to maintain and administer its operation in order to protect public property and to provide for the safety, health and welfare of the public, including, but not limited to regulations:

a. Concerning general administration of and supervision including the right to enlarge, reduce, replat, or change the boundaries or grading of any part thereof;

b. Regulating interment space and reservation of burial lots;

c. Regulating the type and kind of grave markings;

d. Dealing with the general appearance, landscaping, care, construction, repairs, hauling or grave preparation. [Code 1967 § 19-100.9].

19.04.030 Rules and regulations on file.

The rules and regulations promulgated by the City Manager with the approval of the Council governing the use of the City Cemetery shall be on file with the City Clerk and available for perusal by any interested person upon request during regular business hours. [Code 1967 § 19-100.9].

19.04.040 Burial – Where permitted.

It shall be unlawful for any person to bury remains of any person within the City except within the Hickerson Memorial Cemetery or a private cemetery approved by the City, having the same health, welfare and community standards of the City Cemetery. [Code 1967 § 19-100.3].

19.04.050 Cemetery lot deeds – Issuance by City.

Repealed by Ord. 18-20. [Code 1967 § 19-100.4].

19.04.060 Cemetery lot deeds – Transfer or assignment.

Repealed by Ord. 18-20. [Code 1967 § 19-100.5].

19.04.070 Excavating and covering of graves.

The City accepts no responsibility for excavating or covering of graves but reserves the right to do so at its discretion. The excavating and covering of graves will be set pursuant to HCC 19.04.030, Rules and regulations on file. [Ord. 96-10, 1996. Code 1967 § 19-100.8].

19.04.080 Marking of graves.

The City accepts no responsibility for the care and marking of graves but reserves the right to mark and maintain at its discretion. [Code 1967 § 19-100.7].

19.04.090 Monuments.

a. Upright and flat memorial markers are allowed.

b. No monument or other memorial or plant of any kind shall be placed upon, altered or removed from the premises by any person without the written consent of the City.

c. All flat markers and/or upright headstones shall be constructed of sandstone or limestone, marble, granite, or concrete and will be a minimum 24 inches by 12 inches by four inches in dimension, not to exceed 48 inches by 24 inches by four inches in dimension and set flush with the ground. [Ord. 17-22 § 1, 2017. Code 1967 § 19-100.6].

19.04.100 Violation – Penalty.

The penalty for an offense in this chapter is the fine listed in the fine schedule in HCC 1.16.040. If no fine is listed for the offense in HCC 1.16.040, then the defendant must appear in court and, if convicted, is subject to the general penalty as provided in HCC 1.16.010 unless another penalty is specifically provided. [Ord. 18-11 § 16, 2018].


For statutory provisions authorizing cities to provide for cemeteries, see AS 29.35.200(b).