Chapter 20.12


20.12.010    License required – Issuance.

20.12.020    License tag to be worn and displayed.

20.12.030    Repealed.

20.12.010 License required – Issuance.

No person may own, keep or harbor a dog over four months of age in the City that is not licensed as provided in this chapter. The animal shelter shall issue a dog license upon receiving an application stating the owner’s name and address and the name, breed, color and sex of the dog, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian that the dog has a current rabies vaccination, and payment of the license fee. A dog license shall be issued for a period of two years that begins on January 1st of an even-numbered year and ends on December 31st of the following odd-numbered year. The full license fee shall be payable for a dog license that is issued at any time during an even-numbered year and the fee for a dog license that is issued at any time during an odd-numbered year shall be one-half of the full license fee. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 5, 2016; Ord. 14-52 § 1, 2014; Ord. 88-1, 1988].

20.12.020 License tag to be worn and displayed.

Upon payment of the license fee, the animal shelter shall issue to the owner of a dog a receipt for payment of the license fee and a license tag for the dog. The tag shall bear the years for which it was issued and a number corresponding to the number on the receipt. The owner of a dog subject to licensing under this chapter shall cause the dog to wear a collar or harness to which the license tag shall be affixed at all times. In case a dog tag is lost or destroyed another will be issued upon payment of a replacement fee. Dog tags are not transferable from one dog to another. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 6, 2016; Ord. 88-1, 1988].

20.12.030 Counterfeit tags prohibited.

Repealed by Ord. 16-38(S)(A). [Ord. 88-1, 1988].