Chapter 20.16


20.16.010    Rabies vaccination required.

20.16.020    Quarantine of rabid animals required.

20.16.030    Rabies vaccination voucher authorization.

20.16.010 Rabies vaccination required.

Every owner of a dog over four months old shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 8, 2016; Ord. 88-1, 1988].

20.16.020 Quarantine of rabid animals required.

a. If a dog or other animal is believed to have rabies or to be vicious, or has been bitten by a dog or other animal suspected of having rabies, the dog or other animal shall be confined by a leash or chain in a substantial enclosure on the owner’s premises and shall be placed under the observation of a duly licensed physician or veterinarian for 10 days at the expense of the owner. The owner shall notify a peace officer or Animal Control Officer that the dog has been exposed to rabies, and the officer may, at the officer’s discretion, place the dog under observation in a designated isolation ward at the animal shelter for the quarantine period at the expense of the owner. (Note: also see 7 AAC 27.020.)

b. The Chief of Police shall promptly notify the State Health Department Officer of the location and description of the dog or other animal having rabies or suspected of having rabies, and supply the State Health Officer with the names and addresses of the persons who have been bitten, scratched or had any contact with the suspected animal.

c. A peace officer may enter upon private property where a dog or other animal that is alleged to have bitten a person is kept, to inspect, seize and impound the dog as provided in this chapter. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 9, 2016; Ord. 88-1, 1988].

20.16.030 Rabies vaccination voucher authorization.

The Animal Control Officer may collect the fee for, and issue to an owner claiming a dog at the animal shelter who is unable to provide adequate proof of current rabies vaccination for the dog, a “rabies vaccination voucher.” This voucher shall be valid for 30 days, and within that period shall entitle the bearer to rabies vaccination for the dog identified thereon, at any licensed veterinarian agreeing to accept same. The City shall set fees for such voucher at the average rates currently being charged by all veterinarians licensed within the City. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 10, 2016; Ord. 88-1, 1988].