Chapter 20.30


20.30.010    Records.

20.30.010 Records.

a. The Animal Control Officer shall maintain complete and detailed records of the following as required by City contract:

1. All animals brought into the custody of the animal shelter by impoundment or otherwise;

2. The disposition of all animals in the custody of the animal shelter;

3. Rabies immunizations vouchers issued;

4. Reports required by or made pursuant to this title;

5. Investigations of violations of this title;

6. Monies received for fees and charges imposed by this title; and

7. Notices of violation, including the disposition thereof.

b. The Animal Control Officer shall not disclose the identity of a person who surrenders an animal to the animal shelter or claims or adopts an animal from the animal shelter unless the Animal Control Officer determines that protection of the public health, safety or welfare requires such disclosure.

c. At the request of the Animal Control Officer, an animal owner shall authorize the owner’s veterinarian to release animal medical records related to a specific animal control investigation. [Ord. 23-48(A) § 8, 2023; Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 17, 2016].