Chapter 20.32


20.32.010    Animal control fee schedule.

20.32.020    Fine schedule.

20.32.030    Civil penalties.

20.32.010 Animal control fee schedule.

a. The City licensing and shelter fees shall be set by City Council resolution, shall be included in the City of Homer’s fee schedule and may be amended by City Council resolution.

b. All impounded animals must be properly licensed and have current rabies vaccinations prior to being released. Owners of impounded animals will be charged a daily boarding fee for every full day that the animal stays in the shelter. Vaccination and license fees shall be the owner’s responsibility.

c. Animals being adopted shall be properly licensed and vaccinated.

d. The City shall charge for any additional expense incurred by the City in the actual impoundment, transportation, medical care, housing or feeding of any animal; which expenses shall be paid in full prior to the animal’s release.

e. Disposition of Fees. All license and shelter fees collected pursuant to this chapter shall be paid into the general fund of the City. [Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 18, 2016; Ord. 01-54, 2001; Ord. 88-1, 1988].

20.32.020 Fine schedule.

Citations for offenses listed in this section may be disposed of as provided in AS 12.25.195 through 12.25.230, without a court appearance, upon payment of the fine amounts listed below plus the State surcharge required by AS 12.55.039 and 29.25.074. Fines must be paid to the court. The Rules of Minor Offense Procedure in the Alaska Rules of Court apply to all offenses listed below. Citations charging these offenses must meet the requirements of Minor Offense Rule 3. If a person charged with one of these offenses appears in court and is found guilty, the penalty imposed for the offense may not exceed the scheduled fine amount plus any surcharge required to be imposed by AS 12.55.039 and 29.25.074. If an offense in this title is not listed in the fine schedule, the defendant must appear in court to answer the charges.

Code Section

Code Section Title

Fine per Day

HCC 20.08.010(a)

Animal at large

No prior conviction $50;

One prior conviction $100;

Two prior convictions $200

HCC 20.08.010(b)

Unauthorized release of animal from restraint

No prior conviction $50;

One prior conviction $100;

Two prior convictions $200

HCC 20.08.030

Animals on harbor floats


HCC 20.08.040(a)

Nuisance animals

No prior conviction $50;

One prior conviction $100;

Two prior convictions $200

HCC 20.08.070

Female animals in heat


HCC 20.08.080

Abandonment of animals


HCC 20.08.090

Maintenance and sanitation


HCC 20.12.010

License required – Issuance


HCC 20.12.020

License tag to be worn and displayed


HCC 20.24.060

Furnishing false information


HCC 20.28.020

Kennel license – Required


[Ord. 18-11 § 21, 2018; Ord. 16-38(S)(A) § 19, 2016].

20.32.030 Civil penalties.

In addition to or as an alternative to the criminal penalty mentioned in HCC 20.32.020, any person violating any provision of this title shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $500.00. Each and every day that such violation continues shall be deemed a separate and distinct violation. In addition, a civil injunction or temporary restraining order may be obtained in order to obtain immediate compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The City may seek an award of reasonable attorney fees and costs from the court in prosecuting such an action. [Ord. 88-1, 1988].