Title 21


Division I. General

21.01    Title and Purpose

21.02    Comprehensive Plan

21.03    Definitions and Rules of Construction

21.04    General Provisions

21.05    Measurements

Division II. Zoning Districts

21.10    Zoning Districts and Zoning Map

21.12    RR Rural Residential District

21.14    UR Urban Residential District

21.16    RO Residential Office District

21.17    M Medical District

21.18    CBD Central Business District

21.20    Town Center District

21.22    Gateway Business District

21.24    GC1 General Commercial 1 District

21.26    GC2 General Commercial 2 District

21.27    East End Mixed Use District

21.28    MC Marine Commercial District

21.30    MI Marine Industrial District

21.32    OSR Open Space – Recreation District

21.34    CO Conservation District

Division III. Overlay Districts and Sensitive Areas

21.38    Scenic Gateway Corridor Overlay District

21.40    Bridge Creek Watershed Protection District

21.41    Flood Prone Areas

21.44    Slopes and Coastal Development

21.46    Small Boat Harbor Overlay District

Division IV. Use and Development Regulations

21.50    Site Development Standards and Miscellaneous Regulations

21.51    Home-Based Occupations

21.52    Planned Unit Developments

21.53    Townhouses

21.54    Mobile Home Parks, Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicle Parks and Recreational Vehicles

21.55    Off-Street Parking

21.56    Religious, Cultural and Fraternal Assembly

21.57    Large Retail and Wholesale Stores

21.58    Towers and Related Structures

21.59    Off-Site Impacts

21.60    Sign Code

21.61    Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots

21.62    Marijuana Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, and Testing Facilities

Division V. Permits, Plans and Reviews

21.70    Zoning Permit

21.71    Conditional Use Permit

21.72    Variances

21.73    Site Plans and Right-of-Way Access

21.74    Development Activity Plan

21.75    Stormwater Plan

21.76    Traffic Impact Standards

Division VI. Administration and Procedures

21.90    Administration and Enforcement

21.91    Planning Commission and Hearing Officer

21.93    Administrative Appeals

21.94    Public Hearings

21.95    Legislative Procedures and Amendments