Division I. General

Chapter 21.01


21.01.010    Title.

21.01.020    Scope.

21.01.030    Purpose.

21.01.010 Title.

This title shall be known and cited as the “Homer Zoning Code,” and may be referred to hereinafter as the “zoning code” or “this title.” [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.01.020 Scope.

a. The Homer Zoning Code is applicable to all lands within the municipal boundaries of the City of Homer.

b. Chapter 21.40 HCC is further applicable to certain lands outside the municipal boundaries, as provided in that chapter. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.01.030 Purpose.

The Homer Zoning Code is adopted as one means of implementing the general goals and policies of the Homer Comprehensive Plan. Its purpose is to enhance the public health, safety and welfare through land use regulations to:

a. Designate, regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings, structures and land;

b. Regulate the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other characteristics of structures;

c. Regulate and determine the size of yards and other open spaces;

d. Regulate and limit the density of population;

e. Conserve and stabilize the value of property;

f. Provide adequate open spaces for light and air; and to prevent and fight fires;

g. Prevent undue concentration of population;

h. Lessen congestion on streets and highways;

i. Preserve and enhance the aesthetic environment of the community;

j. Promote health, safety and general welfare. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].