Chapter 21.02


21.02.010    Comprehensive Plan – Adoption.

21.02.020    Land use plan – Amendments.

21.02.010 Comprehensive Plan – Adoption.

a. A comprehensive plan is a public declaration of policy statements, goals, standards and maps for guiding the physical, social and economic development, both private and public, of the City. As provided in KPBC 21.01.025, from time to time the City Council shall recommend to the Kenai Peninsula Borough for adoption a Homer Comprehensive Plan and amendments to that plan.

b. The following documents, as initially approved and subsequently amended, are adopted by reference as comprising the Homer Comprehensive Plan.

1. Homer Comprehensive Plan (2008).

2. Homer Master Roads and Streets Plan (1986).

3. Homer Non-Motorized Transportation and Trail Plan (2004).

4. Homer Area Transportation Plan (2005).

5. Homer Town Center Development Plan (2006).

6. Homer Spit Plan (2010).

c. As required by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Code of Ordinances, each of the component parts of the Homer Comprehensive Plan identified in subsection (b) of this section has been adopted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough, except land use plan amendments that were adopted the City, only, as provided in HCC 21.02.020. [Ord. 11-17 §§ 1, 2; Ord. 09-40(S) § 3, 2009; Ord. 08-60 § 2, 2008; Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.02.020 Land use plan – Amendments.

a. One element of the Homer Comprehensive Plan is a land use plan comprised of one or more component parts. The City accepts delegated authority to make amendments to its land use plan as authorized by KPBC 21.01.025.

b. The Borough Planning Commission shall be notified in writing of all proposed and adopted amendments to the City’s land use plan. All amendments to the Homer land use plan shall be made by an ordinance of the City Council after a public hearing on the proposed amendments. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].