Chapter 18.28


18.28.010    Notification to fire marshal.

18.28.020    Permit required.

18.28.030    Smoking prohibited.

18.28.040    Certain persons prohibited near operations.

18.28.050    Operations using flame prohibited.

18.28.060    Unnecessary fire prohibited.

18.28.070    Watchman recruited.

18.28.080    Daylight hours only.

18.28.090    Restricted while passengers embarking or disembarking.

18.28.100    Light fixtures restricted.

18.28.010 Notification to fire marshal.

The master, owner, or agent of any steamboat, motorboat, or vessel arriving in the city with explosives on board to be unloaded in the city, shall notify the fire marshal immediately upon arrival as to the nature of and amount of such cargo, the consignee, and the destination thereof. (Code 1962 § 9-13(1))

18.28.020 Permit required.

Before discharging any such explosives, the master, owner, or agent shall first obtain a written permit from the fire marshal to discharge such cargo, or part thereof, at the docks, the location of which shall be designated in the said permit by the fire marshal. All such explosives shall be discharged under the direct supervision of a ship’s officer or other qualified person. (Code 1962 § 9-13(2))

18.28.030 Smoking prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited on or near any vessel or vehicle loading or unloading explosives. “No Smoking” warning signs shall be posted during the operation of handling such cargo. (Code 1962 § 9-13(3))

18.28.040 Certain persons prohibited near operations.

No person who, in the judgment of the officer or person in charge, may be considered as being under the influence of liquor or of drugs shall be permitted on the dock or near operations involving the loading, unloading, storing, or transporting of explosives. (Code 1962 § 9-13(4))

18.28.050 Operations using flame prohibited.

Welding or cutting operations involving the use of open flame or arc shall not be undertaken on a vessel alongside a city dock or within the harbor while having explosives on board. (Code 1962 § 9-13(5))

18.28.060 Unnecessary fire prohibited.

Unnecessary fire shall not be permitted on docks, lighters or vessels while loading or unloading explosives alongside a city dock or within the harbor. Fires deemed necessary must be properly safeguarded and be in constant attendance by some competent person. (Code 1962 § 9-13(6))

18.28.070 Watchman recruited.

No steamboat, motorboat, or vessel having explosives on board shall remain at any dock, wharf, or anchorage within the city limits unless such steamboat, motorboat, or vessel shall have on board a watchman for the purpose of safely guarding such explosives from molestation, damage, or danger of any nature or description. (Code 1962 § 9-13(7))

18.28.080 Daylight hours only.

Explosives shall be loaded or unloaded during daylight hours only, except in case of emergency when a special permit may be issued by the fire marshal. (Code 1962 § 9-13(8))

18.28.090 Restricted while passengers embarking or disembarking.

Explosives shall not be handled on any pier or wharf within the city while passengers are being handled over said pier or wharf. (Code 1962 § 9-13(9))

18.28.100 Light fixtures restricted.

No artificial light except electric lights or electric lamps or floodlights shall be used while handling explosives. Such fixtures shall not be used unless protected against breakage by metal guards. Portable electric lights shall be fitted with stout guards protecting the bulb. Wire of such lights shall be sound and show no evidence of liability to short circuit. (Code 1962 § 9-13(10))