Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Ballot form.

3.24.020    Preparation and distribution.

3.24.030    Sample ballots.

3.24.040    Proposition – Clarity – Conciseness.

3.24.010 Ballot form.

A.    The ballot shall be designed with the position of names of the candidates set out in the same order in each section on each ballot used in that election. The order for placement of candidate names for each office shall be randomly determined by the City Clerk.

B.    The title of the office to be filled shall be followed by the printed names of the candidates for such office, below which shall be blank lines equal in number to the candidates to be elected to such office, upon which the voter may write the names of persons not listed on the ballot. The words “Vote for no more than _____” with the appropriate number replacing the blank shall be placed before the list of candidates for each office. Names of candidates shall be printed as they appear upon the declaration filed with the City Clerk, except that any honorary or assumed title or prefix shall be omitted. A candidate’s name appearing on the ballot may include a nickname or familiar form of a proper name. The names of candidates shall be set out in order as provided in subsection (A) of this section.

C.    The propositions to be voted on shall follow the candidates for office or shall be on separate ballots, as the City Clerk may determine. The words “yes” and “no” shall appear below each proposition.

D.    Each ballot shall bear the words “Official Ballot,” and the date of the election.

E.    The ballots shall be consecutively numbered. (Ord. 05-09 § 2, 2005)

3.24.020 Preparation and distribution.

A.    For regular City elections the Fairbanks North Star Borough Clerk shall prepare and distribute ballots.

B.    For special City elections the City Clerk may contract for the preparation and printing of ballots without obtaining competitive bids.

C.    The City Clerk shall obtain the printing of all ballots for special City elections. The City Clerk shall possess the printed ballots at least ten days before each special and runoff election. At that time, the ballots may be inspected by any candidate whose name is on the ballot, or by his authorized agent, and any discovered mistake shall be corrected immediately.

D.    The City Clerk shall arrange for delivery of ballots to the election board prior to or on the date of the election before the opening of the polls. The ballots shall be delivered in separate containers, with the number of ballots enclosed in each container clearly marked on the outside of it. A receipt for each package shall be taken from the election board to which it is delivered. (Ord. 05-09 § 2, 2005)

3.24.030 Sample ballots.

The City Clerk shall obtain the printing of sample ballots. Sample ballots shall be printed and clearly labeled “Sample Ballot.” Sample ballots shall be available prior to elections. (Ord. 05-09 § 2, 2005)

3.24.040 Proposition – Clarity – Conciseness.

All ballot propositions shall be stated in a concise and clear language to avoid verbosity and with the object of informing and advising the voter of the issue in a clear and forthright manner. All ballot propositions shall be stated in the affirmative and not the negative so that a yes vote will always mean that the voter approves of the affirmative of a position and not the negative; and a no vote disapproves the affirmative statement of an issue. Ballot propositions shall not be used to obtain a negative result by the casting of a yes vote. Simple sentences shall be used in preference to complex or compound sentences, with the object of making ballot propositions understandable to the average reader. (Ord. 05-09 § 2, 2005)