Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Purpose of chapter.

8.08.020    Definitions.

8.08.030    Garbage and refuse containers required—Use of containers.

8.08.040    Collection and disposal—Provided by city.

8.08.050    Collection and disposal—Frequency of collection.

8.08.060    Burning and dumping of refuse or garbage.

8.08.070    General prohibition.

8.08.010 Purpose of chapter.

The maintenance of health and sanitation requires, and it is the intention of this chapter to make, the collection removal and disposal of garbage and refuse in the city compulsory and universal. (Prior code § 21-2)

8.08.020 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter, these terms shall have the following definitions:

“Garbage and refuse” means all unwanted or discarded solid or semisolid materials whether putrescible or nonputrescible originating from any source including, but not limited to, rubbish and debris, waste and discarded food, animal and vegetable matter, waste paper, cans, glass, boxes and paper cartons, metal, plastic, rubber, cloth and ashes. Waste shall not include materials subject to manufacture into byproducts.

“Hazardous waste” means waste that is capable of causing injury, disease or impairment of health or property damage, including, but not limited to, poisons, pesticides, acids, caustics, infectious or pathological waste, radioactive materials, explosive or highly flammable materials, oil and petroleum products, batteries and burning or smoldering materials, or any item which, when disposed of into landfill, will cause contamination of groundwater or cause the groundwater to not meet state drinking water standards.

“Putrescible waste” means material capable of being decomposed so as to cause a nuisance or obnoxious odors.

“Industrial solid waste” means any waste substance or a combination thereof resulting from the operation of or from any process of industry, manufacturing, trade or businesses, from the development of any agricultural or natural resources, junked vehicles and equipment, material and debris resulting from construction or demolition projects and abandoned or decaying structures. (Prior code § 21-1)

8.08.030 Garbage and refuse containers required—Use of containers.

A.    It shall be the duty of every person in possession, charge or control of any premises, business establishment or industrial establishment where garbage and refuse is created or accumulates, at all times, to keep or cause to be kept dumpsters or portable metal or plastic containers for the deposit therein of garbage and refuse; and to deposit or cause to be deposited the same therein. Nondumpster containers shall be water-tight and of not more than 32-gallons capacity and shall have two handles at the sides thereof and tight-fitting lids. Such lids shall remain on the containers at all times, except when necessary to place garbage and refuse in the containers. Such containers shall be kept in a sanitary condition, free from accumulating grease and decomposing material. Such containers shall be kept in a place accessible to the collector of garbage and refuse. The weight of any one such container shall not exceed seventy-five pounds.

B.    Waste paper or office supplies, brush, grass, leaves and cuttings from trees, lawns and gardens may be deposited in containers or other suitable receptacles, and shall be covered or otherwise contained so as to prevent the contents from being scattered by the wind or other causes. (Prior code § 21-3)

8.08.040 Collection and disposal—Provided by city.

A.    The city, either with its personnel and equipment or by contract, shall provide the garbage and refuse collection and disposal service for all areas of the city.

B.    It is unlawful for any person other than the city, its agents, servants, employees, contractors or permittees to engage in the business of collecting, removing and disposing of garbage and refuse from the city, or for any person other than the city, its agents, servants, employees, contractors or permittees to do or perform any of the things required in this chapter to be done or performed by the city.

C.    All persons are required to use the system of garbage disposal as herein provided. A permit may be obtained to use the city landfill upon the payment of the prescribed fee. The permittee shall follow all rules and regulations in connection therewith as adopted by the city.

D.    Collection of trash, rubbish and other nonputrescible material from residential, commercial and institutional property not in approved-type containers as established for the service shall be collected upon request, on an as-available basis, by the property owner or tenant, and extra charges will be assessed. (Prior code § 21-4)

8.08.050 Collection and disposal—Frequency of collection.

The schedule of services for collection of garbage and refuse under this chapter shall be based on weekly pickup, or other such schedule as may be established by the city manager. Increased frequency of service may be provided as necessary to the maintenance of general health and sanitation in the city. (Prior code § 21-5)

8.08.060 Burning and dumping of refuse or garbage.

No person shall burn any garbage or refuse without a permit from the fire chief, except wastepaper, boxes, rubbish, debris, brush, grass, weeds and cuttings from trees, lawns or gardens, which may be burned in a covered incinerator; or dump or deposit any garbage or refuse on any street, alley, beach, waters, tidelands, public or private property in the city. (Prior code § 21-7)

8.08.070 General prohibition.

A.    No person shall keep on or about the premises owned or occupied by him, any garbage, unless the same shall be in an approved-type container. No person shall keep on the premises owned or occupied by him, any garbage for a longer period than the frequency of collection established by the city.

B.    No person shall deposit any garbage, refuse or rubbish upon any property owned by another or in another’s refuse container, except with the consent of the other and for the purpose of collection. Garbage, refuse and rubbish containers or receptacles shall not project from any lot line.

C.    Industrial solid waste may be hauled to the landfill by the owner of such material; however, the city reserves the right to refuse such material at the landfill.

D.    No person having the care, either as occupant or owner of any premises shall fail to maintain such premises in a clean and sanitary condition as far as garbage, refuse and rubbish is concerned. The city shall have the right to clean such premises and require reimbursement from such person for the cost incurred and to prosecute such person for noncompliance of this section.

E.    No person shall, either through their depository in a garbage container or directly into the landfill, dump, throw, drop or deposit any hazardous waste in the city disposal facilities.

F.    No person shall deposit in the city’s disposal facilities any garbage or refuse generated from a location outside the city unless that person has obtained from the city a permit authorizing such disposal.

G.    The city reserves the right to not accept refuse at its disposal facility that the city feels could be hazardous to the operation of that refuse facility. The city reserves the right to limit refuse removal from the refuse facility. (Prior code § 21-8)